Stunt Dummies, is an interactive multimedia game installation which presents ideas about engagement, embodiment and the power to activate. This artwork explicitly uses videogame interfaces, iconography and conventions to explore the promise of technology as well as its frightening, fascinating and humorous contradictions. It is the exact nature of this complex message which lends itself to conveyance via the remixing and reworking of contemporary game experiences which are integrated in an original, navigable series of interrelated 3D virtual environments. 


Stunt Dummies is concerned with the duality of the promises of technology, while also illustrating aspects of control and manipulation. Stunt Dummies poses the question, are we controlling technology or is technology controlling us? Do we humans ask too much from our technology? Or does our technology ask too much from us? Stunt Dummies proposes what Neil Postman refers to as the phenomenon that surrounding every technology are institutions promoting world views which try to alter our sense of what is important in a culture: the natural order of things, our social relationships, what is reasonable, necessary, inevitable, and ultimately what is real.[1]


Description: myheadsm

Stunt Dummies is an adventure game which presents a proposal that is at once intriguing disturbing, and comical. Ultimately do we ourselves become the stunt dummies, stunted by our use of technology? Or can we become more aware of how we are being changed ideologically, physiologically, socially and culturally? Stunt Dummies asks how can individual cultures maintain their identity in the digital era, and how can they continue to share the diverse richness they have to offer?


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[1] Postman, Neil. Technopoly: the Surrender of Culture to Technology (New York: Vintage Books, 1993), p. 12.