Stunt Dummies uses a first person shooter viewpoint and simple mouse commands to navigate through the seven different rooms and one main menu.  When the user first starts the program they are presented with a circular “eye” menu screen.  Clicking on one of the seven room depictions will transport the user to that chosen room.  Moving the mouse in a direction changes the current viewpoint.  Clicking the left mouse button, moves the view forward.  Clicking the right mouse button moves the view backward.  To exit any room, one moves towards the circular “eye” icon. This action transports one to the main “eye” menu screen. To quit the program one either presses escape or q.


One of the goals of the Stunt Dummies game is to collect seven jewels, one in each room. This leads the user to a special experience – the tree of life – one’s “reward” for uncovering the messages within each chamber. The user will recognize them as they are transparent colored objects loosely representing the natural elements: a monkey head – terrestrial, a phoenix bird – fire, a flower – terrestrial/plant life, a fruit – terrestrial/plant life, a butterfly – flight/insect, a fish – water, and a star – celestial.