Lecture Topic:

History & Digital culture



Evolution of the pixel:


The Parallel Analysis of Vision:

Modern Art & Modern Science:

* Pointillism

* Daltonism and Color Blindness


* Chuck Close: the grid



Pace Prints

MOMA Museum of Modern Art, NYC video except of process


The Pixel


Alvy Ray Smith creator of Paint, the first full –color program

“A pixel is a point sample, - the value of a continuous thing at a single point (with zero dimensions).”

* What is a pixel?





* What is pixel art?


See examples at:



See: How to do a pixel head:




Other Reference:

1.     Pixel Art Tutorial english

2.     Flash Pixel Art Tutorial

3.     Museum of Pixel Art

4.     Isometric Pixel Art (complete guide)

5.     Pixel Freak

6.     Flip Flop Flyin'  

7.     Paul Robertson's Journal

8.     Graphical Illusion

9.     Pixeldam | home

10.  Final Redemption

11.   :: dot-invasion :: and the invasion begins ::


13.  Pixel NascImpact - Pixel Art, Galerie, News, Brushs, Goodies, Tutorials (Photoshop, Flash MX)

14.  DB DB Pixel Art Characters


good application: asci_gen_b13/Ascgen.exe




The Story of Computer Graphics

Visiting artist





Studio skills:


**Pushing pixels and making the pixel art head portrait:

techniques in: Photoshop:  Photoshop Basics

setting up an original image, png/gif file formats, pencil tool, fill tool, seeing essence, and simplifying color, resizing images.

Resolution    Bit depth   in depth schema on bit depth

Image-Ready: importing folder as frames, tween, timing, save as optimized




1. Create a pixel art head (of your agreed upon classmate in your section team).
2. Blow up your head image to
3. Then make an animated gif of all of your team’s images. See samples below.




Pixel art sample student movie some good, some not



Using techniques covered in lecture, studio and your own artistic research, create a pixel art head (of your agreed upon classmate in your section team) using a one pixel pencil tool and eraser. Keep in the tradition of the pixel art viewed in class.


Then put all completed team heads into a folder. In Image-Ready “import” that “folder as frames”. Use the tween tool with  5 frames to add, all layers, check all parameter boxes (position, opacity, effects).  Then use .5 second frame delay time interval for each frame. Then go to file, save optimized as, images only gif (animated gif).


Take your head and blow it up using: image, image size, pixel dimensions, 370 x 495, Nearest Neighbor (preserve hard edges) interpolation, save the new image with a different name from the little image



1, 73 x 100, png pixel head of your agreed upon classmate in your section team in rgb 8bit

1, animated gif of all 4 heads tweened with .5 second frame delay time interval

1, larger version 370 x 495 using correct interpolation methodology to preserve the pixel look




Animated Gif:




Pixel Art Student Samples

Other Student Samples


Grading Criteria:


1. Assignment completed on-time

2. Adherence to the size and file format specifications

3. Appropriate use of tools.

4. Exploration and application of creative tools in Photoshop and Image-Ready 

5. Quality and clarity of class presentation

6. Likeness of your image to the actual individual

7. Quality of your animate gif morph