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     Virtual worlds were once seen as a block of text on a screen. People would explore dungeons and interact with virtual worlds with nothing else than blocks of text. This is a stark contrast to today, where sometimes the graphics and realism of a game can take precedence over the gameplay and story. This game ties textual experiences of older games with the graphical elements of today’s games into a new experience.

     “Left Arrow Moves Left” will also allow people to explore the relationships between text and images and the varied ways they can interact. This has already been a part of storytelling in other mediums, such as comics, but it has not been explored extensively in terms of video games. People will be able to explore the interaction between gameplay and narration, which is often a delicate topic.

Team Members:

Laura Cox [Sound Designer, Artist]

Patrick Jalbert [Artist]

Jonathan Azzara [Documentation, Level Designer]

Tyler Bray [Scripter, Level Designer]

Jhon Adams [Programming]