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The Royal Game of Ur and Tau


 The History of Chess


The History of Backgammon


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Video Game History        

            VIDEOTOPIA  explores humanity's first giant leap into interactive electronic media - - the videogame. As         the industry grew, its influence on developing technologies grew as well. The goal of this exhibition is to       communicate the dramatic impact these games have had on our lives and our culture.

               Understanding this often overlooked technology is necessary if we are to make informed choices about the                           evolving uses of computers and videogames -- today, and as they develop with the technology of the future.                VIDEOTOPIA explores such areas of relevant cultural influence, in addition to the science and applied    technology behind the games. Videogames are largely responsible for the widespread acceptance of computers      by the public. The exhibits and displays in VIDEOTOPIA communicate the impact these games and their           technology have had on our culture. A walk through VIDEOTOPIA engages each visitor in the worlds that       support the worlds of virtual reality, videogames, artificial intelligence, and computers. Three areas of exhibits                explore the artistry, technology, and human experience of interactivity.

               VIDEOTOPIA was born out of the desire to teach and entertain, to enlighten as well as preserve.

          "The games of a people reveal a great deal about them." -Marshall           McLuhan

          "I don't believe anyone ever expected videogames to have such a           fundamental impact on our society in so many areas. [They] have           become an integral part of the fabric of American life, changing the           way we think, the way we learn, and the way we see the future." -Dr.           Christopher Geist, Chair of the department of Popular Culture at Bowling           Green University, member of the Videotopia Advisory Panel.


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