Materials & Gear needed:
* laptop computer (bring laptops to class every class) (with Adobe CS Design Edition or at the very least Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator. Possibly Dreamweaver if desired.) It is suggested to purchase these applications, but you can use the Mac computers in Studio WH 214 that have this software.
* Digital stylus
* An active RCS account.
* An 40gb or more usb flash drive or portable hard drive drive
* A digital camera, 35 MM DSL,
or Sony’s newer Alpha A55 I.L.C. (“interchangeable-lens compacts”) camera, or a high end point and shoot with manual overdrives for exposure and focus.). A variety of cameras tripods and lights can be signed out from the equipment room as well. Arts Equipment Room:
* traditional tools: drawing tools - 2B, 3B, or 4B soft drawing pencil, or ball point or felt tip pen, dry brush acrylic paint, paint brushes
* found materials for your assemblage
* Other materials on a project basis
* Journal: please consider keep a working log of ideas, drawings, photographs, dreams, influences, etc. which will act a source for your creative process. You should carry this with you at all times to record your creative insights. Bring them to class as well.

Fabrication costs/materials:
You will be making a number of digital prints/manifestations of your work. The costs of digital printing will vary, but be prepared to incur at approximately $84 in fabrication/material costs.

Please report all gear and technical problems to