Project Assignments & Readings
What messages are you compelled to express?

All readings require a short one paragraph typed reaction paper outlining your reactions to the material presented,
your ideas and what the reading meant for you.





Emotion Sketches (7)
due Feb 3
3 points

Freeing up
expressive gestures



Emotion Sketching

Gesture Drawings (7)
due Feb 10
3 points

Illustration Study Prototype:

(create one)
create a digital drawing or painting or photograph or processing work or combination that illustrates a concept, environment, event or character in the following story:

Saunders, Escape from Spiderhead

Use your imagination and let go. This work could be either realistic or abstract.

what is the figure, landscape or object doing?

Gesture Drawing
due Feb 3





Saunders, Escape from Spiderhead
due Feb 10








Gesture Drawing
Model in Studio:

Feb 3: 6:15 to 7:30pm,
Feb 10: 6:15 to 7:30pm,
March 3: 6:15 to 7:30pm











11 x 17 Laser Prints (7)
due Feb 24
on high quality laser printer cardstock
3 points


montage, collage, drawings, photographic works or combinations thereof

Could include studies in
* Table Top Photography
* Toy Techniques
* 3D Roundtable Photography
* ECU Photography
* Portrait Photography
* Landscape Photography
* High speed photography of transient phenomena
or other in- process research

Barthes 15,16
Barthes 46-48
due Feb 17


Oliver Sacks SPEED
and Hito Steyerl In Defense of the Poor Image
due Feb 17


Solso Context, Cog., & Art due due Feb 24

Barthes Lecture

General Photo Lecture

Portrait Photography Lecture

Toys of Today are the Realties of Tomorrow Lecture

Table Top TiltShiftToy,
3d Roundtable,
ECU Lecture

Photographing Transient Phenomena


Landscape Photography Lecture

Large Format Archival Prints (3)
due March 17
(minimum size 42 x 36, max size 84 x 42)
one on canvass
(20 points)

montage, collage, drawings or photographic works or combinations thereof
Includes the above plus
* Photographic Sculpture
* Montage & Collage
* Printing and Painting on Digital Canvass

Solso Visual Perspective
due March 3



Large Format Printing on the Epson 9800




March 24




Augmented Reality:
due April 7
(Re-imaging Public Space/Revitalizing Parks/ Making Parks / Geoparks and Geocaching)
(10 points)


Lev Manovich: The Poetics of Augmented Space
due March 24



Lecture on AR and revitalizing parks and public spaces




Due April 21
(6 points)


Choose one of the following for the final short study:


Assemblage (1)

using digital and/or analog techniques, found objects, textures, etc. create 1 expressive 3d mixed media that self generates power or comments upon energy & sustainability

composing image & object, juxtaposition, making meaning

MoHoly-Nagy Contributions of Arts to Social Reconstruction
Make a Light Modulator

Assemblage Lecture

Stencil Art

Portraits, graffiti, digital to analog

Stencil art Lecture


imaginary places and spaces from light

Projection Lecture





with artist statement and at least 5 references

due May 5

personal expression, and direction

Personal research readings

Your inspirations, art historical referencing, philosophical influences, theoretical background, and technical documentation will be articulated in an artist statement properly cited and footnoted in
The Chicago Manual of Style

web portfolio &
due May 19
10 to 2pm
West Hall 214

summation of all perfected works and documentation of works in situ


You can make your web portfolio in html or Dreamweaver or hand coding or use a web template service.

Links to some web how to and designs