Larry Kagan
The Work of Larry Kagan

by Derek Sylva

"In a way, they're not really drawing about shadow; they're really about encrypting form and information, in a new way of capturing and storing information. It all sounds terribly, kind of, academic when you talk about it this way. Obviously, people understand it much better if you say, 'These things are about making interesting drawings using shadows', people get it."

"That's the interesting part in this, is that it kind of challenges how we see objects, and how we know what it is that we know."

"I found out that I could make continuous forms out of discontinuous kinds of steel elements; I found that I could make whole and complete forms out of pieces of steel that looked like they were flying every which way away from a center. It's amazing, because what I discovered was, I mean, in retrospect obvious, was that the shadow isn't just a line on the wall, but it's really a volume in space..."
An Interview

by Sandro De Min
and Cristiana Cerrini

"I didn't start out being a sculptor, I thought I was going to be a painter... I slowly moved toward being a sculptor. I found that I like to make things and I didn't care what color they were."

"The shadows are a condensation of something that exists in more dimensions... behind them, there can be an awful lot going on."