monster trucks

After stepping out of my truck on a huge open field, I walked toward the track for the Monster Truck rally. As I approached, I could peer between the bleachers and see nine enormous trucks lined up. They were some of the icons of the Monster Truck world--Big Foot, Towasaurus, Predator, American Guardian, Reptoid . . .

Let's get ready to rumm-b-l-e!!!!

Nothing could prepare me for the culture shock to come, not even my voracious reading of books, web pages, or conversations with MT enthusiasts. The scene was more intense than I could conjure: enormous trucks, deafening sounds, thick clouds of exhaust, and visions of extreme physical force as these 10,000 pound trucks flew into the air and crushed piles of cars or performed free-style. Powerful immediate experiences like these during fieldwork prompted me to consider artistic sensibilities cross-culturally. My Monster Truck field sites were a striking contrast from my two previous sites researching Japanese traditional dance in Tokyo and interactive electronic music in the United States. All three of these field sites offered me dramatic experiences which challenged my awareness for attending to new performance contexts.

For the past three years I've been interviewing MT builders, drivers, and enthusiasts.

Have you been to a Monster Truck rally? Do you drive/build Monster Trucks? Want to add to my research on Monster Trucks? Write me.

Some photos:

Steve Austin 3:16 "Stone Cold"



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