upcoming events

2013 Events — Conference papers, Lectures, Residencies, and Performances

November 13-17—invited speaker for “Navigating Multifaceted Mentorships ” panel, sponsored by the Student Union Special Interest Group; emcee for “Speed Mentoring” session for the Section for the Status of Women; and chair of the session “Dimensions of Dance” at the Society for Ethnomusicology annual conference. Indianapolis, IN.

November 8—“Talking about dance, talking about movement” invited speaker on a panel "Getting Musicology to Dance" with panelists Rebecca Harris-Warrick, Marian Smith, Carlo Caballero, Tamara Levitz, and Lyn Garafola. American Musicological Society annual conference. Pittsburgh, PA.

October 18— “Moving Forward! Sustaining Ephemeral Performance Practices” paper presentation and chair of an organized session “Cultural Sustainability in Performance Practice.” American Folklore Society annual conference. Providence, RI.

July 31-August 3 — “swell” - a premiere of a movement-sound banding piece at the FTM12: Feminist Theory and Music conference, held at Hamilton College, NY.

July 12-14 — “Banding and DL” workshop at the Deep Listening: Art/Science conference. EMPAC, Troy, NY.

May 28 — Cultural Bodies roundtable with Aleksandra Dulic, Kenneth Newby, Aparna Panshikar and Curtis Bahn. supported by RPI HASS FLASH grant and by the Center for Cognition, Communication, and Culture.

April 19 — “Torrents of Sound and Ink” presentation at the 2013 EMP Pop Conference, New York University.

April 12 —“Learning Culture through Movement” invited speaker, Marlboro College, VT.

March 26 — “Sustainable Transmissions” invited speaker, Music Department, Hampshire College.

March 20 — “Hunting the ephemeral: the sensibilities of performance” invited speaker for the musicology/ethnomusicology lecture series at Boston University, College of Fine Arts. 5pm.

March 15-16 — keynote for “Sounding Bodies” the Graduate Music Conference at the University of Toronto.

February 15-16 —“Sensual Orientations—connecting sound & movement” invited workshop and talk at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY.

2012 Events — Conference papers, Lectures, Residencies, and Performances

November 8 — "Sensible transmissions: connecting practice and analysis." Invited speaker for the Music Department's Music Scholar Lecture Series, University of Maryland.

October 18 — "Sensational Knowledge—embodying movement" Invited speaker at Harvard University, Department of Folklore, Cambridge, MA.

October 8 — "Ethnomusicology - connecting fieldwork and analysis" Invited speaker at Skidmore College Department of Music, Saratoga Springs, NY.

September 4-7 — "Sensational Knowledge—what does the body have to do with analysis?" Invited speaker/performer at the 15th International Congress of the Gessellschaft fur Musikforschung, University of Göttingen, Germany.

April 12-13 — "Samsara" - a full evening performance with KarmetiK Machine Orchestra. Redcat-Roy and Edna Disney/Calarts Theater.

February 23-26 — Artist-in-residence in the Department of Performing Arts. University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

2011 Events — Conference papers, Lectures, Residencies, and Performances

Nov. 17-20—"Dancing with Sensible Objects" paper presentation and chair for the session "Dancing Matter(s): embodied practices in music and dance" with Sally Ann Ness and Sean Williams. The Society for Ethnomusicology and Congress on Research in Dance joint conference. Philadelphia, PA.

October 21-23—"Connecting Voices-Finding Agency and Community Through Play" a workshop with Marji Gere and Joy-Leilani Garbutt. Harvard Graduate School in Education, Arts in Education "Finding Voice" conference. Appian Way, Cambridge, MA.

May 13-15 — "Sensible Objects" presentation at the international conference: The Body Shop: Enculturated Bodies, work, and communication. University of Texas, Austin.

April 22-23 — "Considering Dis'play" invited speaker at "Theorizing Sound" symposium, Performance Studies, New York University. New York.

April 8-10 — Two invited talks/workshops: "Gender as embodied cultural knowledge" and "Objects of Embodied Learning" at the Embodied Learning conference at Marlboro College, Marlboro, VT.

April 9-30 — Sketches from "Peep Show" in a show: "UNTITLED: Graphic Books, Art Books, and Literary Art Illustrating a Diverse World" MAC650 gallery opening April 9, Middletown, CT.

April 7 — "Embodied Cultural Knowledge" at the Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, Harvard University. Cambridge, MA.1:00.

April 7 — "Orienting Sensibilites—how kinesthesia and touch move us" invited workshop/talk for the Sensory Ethnography Lab, Harvard University. Cambridge, MA. Paine Hall, 11:00.

March 8 —"Noting Embodied Practices" talk for Ethnoise! workshop, Department of Music, Goodspeed Building, room 205. University of Chicago. 4:30.

March 8 — "Sensational Knowledge" workshop and talk, East Asian Studies, University of Chicago. 1:30.

2010 Events — Conference papers, Lectures, Residencies, and Performances

NOTE: for the 2009-10 academic year I am on sabbatical. I am teaching one course at Bard.

Nov. 12 — chair "Music Displacement and Disaster" Society for Ethnomusicology conference, Los Angeles, CA.

October 14-16 — "Moving Fieldnotes: noting embodied expressivity" presentation and session chair "Taking Note: Fieldnotes as Sites of Embodiment"American Folklore Society conference, Nashville, Tennessee.

October 13—"Ethnographix: Moving Awareness in Practice" an invited presentation for the Distinguished Lecture Series, Music Department, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

October 7 — "Embodying Culture, Up Close" Harvard University, Folklore & Mythology. 1-4.

September 27—"Celebrating Playfulness" workshop and talk at The School of Graduate Studies, Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT.

September 16-19—performance with Karmetik Collective: Symbiotic Robotic/Human Ensemble. San Jose Biennial 01SJ, San Jose, CA.

Aug. 29-Sept. 4 — Keynote co-speaker with Curtis Bahn at the Improvisation, Community and Social Practice (ICASP) research project. University of Guelph. Guelph, Canada.

Aug. 2-21—artist/scholar-in-residence with Curtis Bahn, Ajay Kapur and the music robots of The Machine Orchestra in Aukand and Wellington, New Zealand. Performances at Te Papa, the National Museum of New Zealand and Victoria University Te Koki-New Zealand School of Music.

April 15, 22, 29 — "Awakening Creativity: Shifting Points of View" three day seminar. Bard College. Annandale-on-the-Hudson, NY.

April 12 — "Graphic speak" invited guest at the Department of Performance Studies, NYU. New York, NY.

April 5-9 — Scholar in residence, series: "Products of Consciousness: Is Reality always Virtual?" at the Institute for Prospective Cognition, Illinois State University. Normal, IL.

Feb. 27 — Keynote "When a thought comes to your hand: contemplations of the body" at the Graduate Music Forum, Harvard University. Cambridge, MA.

Feb. 18-19 — Artist in residence Marlboro College, supported by the Freeman Foundation. Marlboro, VT.

2009 Events — Conference papers, Lectures, Residencies, and Performances

Nov. 19 — Round Table discussant "Theorizing Sound: Experimental Ethnography" at the annual conference of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Mexico City, Mexico.

Oct. 7 — "Graphic Knowledge: creative mining of embodied experience" invited talk at Music Department, Brown University, Providence, RI.

May 27-31— "taut" premiere of a music-sculpture performance collaboration with sculptor Melanie Klein. FT&M10 Feminist Theory & Music 10, University of North Carolina-Greensboro, NC.

May 18—"Aesthetics and the Body" Bennington College, Bennington, NY.

May 7—"Living Multiplicity - Creativity and Identity" Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, @Blue House, Union College 6PM.

March 31— "Extending Traditions" - at the Art Department at Southern Connecticut State University. New Haven, CT.

March 19-21—"Performing Biracial - Embodying Ritual" paper at the conference Art and Ritual in Asian Cultures at The Center for Body, Mind, and Culture.

Feb. 13-14—"Masquerading Jellyfish: fluid identities that matter" a performance and lecture at Harvard's Folklore and Mythology Symposium "Folklore and Nature" Thompson Room, Barker Center, Harvard University.

2008 Events — Conference papers, Lectures, Residencies, and Performances

Nov. 13-16—"Dancing Paper--dance notation and ethnography" paper in session "(Re)flexin' methodologies—strategies for dance research" (chair). Congress on Research in Dance conference, Roanoke, VA.

Sept. 17-18—disorient (duo with Wendy Hsu) residency at Wheaton College, Norton, MA. Concert Sept. 18.

June 27—"Embodied Cultural Knowledge: intervals of meaning" at the conference "The Enculturated Body: Time Scales of Embodied Meaning in Communication" at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF), University of Bielefeld, Germany, sponsored by ZiF and the Mind Science Foundation. June 25-28.

June 26—"Moving Culture-an evening of Japanese dance" as part of the conference listed above at ZiF, Bielefeld, Germany.

June 20—"kurukuru" a new collaborative work with Curtis Bahn for interactive dance/music/light. Food for Thought at Danspace Project, NYC.

April 18-20— "Pushing Corporeal Can(n)ons – paths to creativity?" paper/performance at the Canons in Musical Scholarship and Performance Symposium in conjunction with the opening of the Robert E. Brown Center for World Music. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

April 5—"In/Still" a commissioned work for PLOrk (see below), Northwestern Spring Festival, Chicago.

February 8 & 9—"Becoming folk / lore of boundaries" a performance and lecture at Harvard's Folklore and Mythology Symposium "Folklore and Nationalism." Thompson Room, Barker Center, Harvard University.

2007 Events — Conference papers, Lectures, Residencies, and Performances

November 9—"Mediating the Intangible" paper presentation in a session "Intangible Heritage in Transit: Mediation, Mobility, Modernity." Performance Studies International. New York City.

October 26—"The Body Articulate—dance notation and ethnography" paper presentation in a session "Beholding Moves: Practicing embodiment, ethnography and research" Society for Ethnomusicology, Columbus, Ohio.

October 18—"Dancing Biracial: Lineage, blood, and intangible heritage" paper presentation in a session "Moving Heritage: Transplanted Intangible Dance Cultures" American Folklore Society, Quebec, Canada. 10/18/07.

September 28—Join me for a booksigning of Sensational Knowledge at Market Block Books 290 River Street, Troy, NY. 5-7PM.

NOTE: for the 2007 spring semester I am on leave from Rensselaer and teaching full-time at Harvard. Please use my RPI email address to contact me.

July 1—"Sensational Knowledge, Sensational Ethnography" w/ a performance of the piece "Streams" at the RAI Film Festival of Ethnographic Film and conference Beyond Text?: Synaesthetic & Sensory Practices in Anthropology. Manchester, UK.

June 24 —Performance in Colourscape Festival, Rotherham, UK.

June 7-10 —invited speaker for "Transdisciplinary Perspectives" plenary at the Feminist Theory & Music 9 conference: "Speaking out of Place," McGill University, Montreal, Canada. June 7 @ 5PM: book signing for Sensational Knowledge.

April 6 —"Monstruous Spectacles: Monster Trucks as Vehicles" presentation at the joint conference of the Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association.

March 26—"Body, Art, Movement" an invited lecture at Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.

March 23—"Dancing Biracial: ACase Study of Embodying Ethnic Multiplicity" presentation at the
National Association for Ethnic Studies annual conference. New Paltz, NY.

2006 Events — Conference papers, Lectures, Residencies, and Performances

November 28 — "Aesthetics in Japanese Performance" Bennington College, Bennington, VT.

November 17 — "(Dis)comfort: when touch moves" presentation at the Society for Ethnomusicology, Honolulu, HI.

October 28-Nov. 1 — Artist in residence with Curtis Bahn & Dan Trueman, University of Lisbon, Portugal.

July 16-21 — Assisted in workshop "Pageant Puppetry: Creating Community Through Procession," a workshop by Alex Kahn, Sophia Michahelles, Jeanne Flemming at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY.

June 11 — Performer and musician for "Frame of Reference" a site-specific piece at Olana by Sondra Loring and Jill Ann Schwartz.

May 6 — "In/Still," a commissioned work for PLOrk (see below), Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH.

April 8 — Session Chair, "Popular Music and Pedagogy in Urban Settings" Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Society for Ethnomusicology. Hunter College, NYC.

April 4 — "In/Still," a commissioned work for PLOrk (see below) with Curtis Bahn.

Concert: Tuesday April 4, Richardson Auditorium, Princeton University, 8pm
The Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk) is a new ensemble of 15 laptop'ers, each seated on a pillow with a 6-channel hemispherical speaker and a variety of control devices. This premiere performance will include works by Paul Lansky, Brad Garton, Curtis Bahn and Tomie Hahn, Dan Trueman, Scott Smallwood, Seth Cluett, Perry Cook and Ge Wang, with special guest performances by renowned tabla virtuoso Zakir Hussain, accordian legend Pauline Oliveros, and the hot percussion quartet So Percussion (who will be processing Hussain in real-time). More information is available at http://plork.cs.princeton.edu

February 25 — "Pikapika" at the Center for Computer Music Concert Series, Mills College, Oakland, CA.

2005 Events — Conference papers, Lectures, Residencies, and Performances

September 5-10 — Performance of "Thetha" with Dan Trueman, a duo for BoSSA and shakuhachi at the International Computer Music Conference, Barcelona, Spain.

June 24-27 — Invited Artist with collaborator Curtis Bahn, Thailand Third New Media Arts Festival “Intimacy: Digital Skin.” Installation and performance Bangkok, Thailand.

May 16 — "Embodying culture—the transmission of shakuhachi music" lecture/performance at Bennington College, Bennington, VT.

April 18 — "In body, in culture," a lecture and movement workshop in the Department of Fine Arts, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.

April 4-11 —Artist-in-residence with Curtis Bahn and Dan Trueman. "Music, Art and Media in Performance." Institute for Studies in the Arts, Arizona State University. Arts Media and Engineering program (ASU/AME).

April 2 — “ 'It's the RUSH. . .that's what drives you to do it'—sites of the sensually extreme,” juried paper in the session: “Uncomfortable Presence: Sonic, Emotional, and Immediate” at Performance Studies International conference, Brown University, Providence, RI.

March 3 — “'Ki in Japanese Traditional Dance,” a lecture and movement workshop for Ze'eva Cohen's course: Body and Spirit: a comparative approach to sacred dance. Princeton, NJ.

March 2-7 — Residency to collaborate on "Five (and-a-half) Gardens," and evening length piece with Dan Trueman, Curtis Bahn, Judy Trueman, So Percussion Ensemble, Monica Mugan, Jonathan Marcus.

January 15 —interface concert with guest Pauline Oliveros at Deep Listening Space, 75 Broadway, Kingston, NY. 8PM.

2004 Events — Conference papers, Lectures, Residencies, and Performances

December 2 — Interface performance as part of an artistic residency at the Institute for Studies in the Arts, Arizona State University.

October 15-16 — interface concert and lectures as Emory Coca-Cola artists-in-residence at the Performing Arts Studio, Emory University, Atlanta, GA.

October 18-22 — interface aritstic residency The Center for Humanities and Arts Visiting Artist/Scholar, a unit of the Office of the Vice-Presient for Research at the University of Georgia. Artist/scholar residency with Curtis Bahn. Athens, Georgia.

October 2 — "Transforming Narratives—The Tales That Tale Collectors Tell." Paper presentation and chair for panel "Performing Oral History." Oral History Association annual conference. Portland, OR.

September 30 — "Pikapika" performance for Columbia University's 250th anniversary celebration: New Frontiers in Creativity. Low Rotunda, Columbia University, New York City.

August 25 — Improvisation with Pauline Oliveros at the RPI Arts Department Gallery 111 opening reception for exhibition "Divulged." 4-6PM West Hall, Troy, NY. Sponsored by Rensselaer's Office of First Year Experience.

July 31 — “Women Shakuhachi Performers,” invited performer and panel member at the World Shakuhachi Festival, New York City.

June 30 — Workshop leader for "Moving Practices" at the East Asia Conference, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY.

May 26-June 3 — Pikapika goes to Beijing. Performance and presentation on current work with Curtis Bahn at The First Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition and Symposium Tsinghua University, Beijing, PRC.

May 17 — "From Soundscapes to Living Metaphors—Strategies for Engaged Learning,," presentation at the First Year Studies Summer Seminar "Perspectives of the First-Year Student." Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

April 22-23 — Guest performer, “Composer and/as Performer,” a concert at the University of Virginia, Old Cabell Hall Auditorium, Charlottesville, VA. Thurs. April 22, 8PM. Symposium talk Friday April 23.

March 10 — Talk on interactive art collaborations, with Curtis Bahn for Gideon D'Arcangelo's New Interfaces for Musical Expression class. New York University, Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts.

January 10 — "Recording Field, H" DVD release party. Diapason, NYC.

2003 Events

Conference papers, Lectures, and Performances

November 24 — “The folds of culture: an introduction to Japanese performance” (lecture-workshop) Department of Fine Arts, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.

November 14-15 — Invited Guest Lecturer and Performer, "Listening in the Sound Kitchen" a Three-day Festival of Electroacoustic Music (Nov. 13-15), Princeton University, Princeton, NJ. Daily concert and lecture schedule.

November 12 — "Extending Traditions" a concert of traditional Japanese music and experimental electronic music. Wheaton College, Norton, MA.This concert is made possible through Wheaton's Evelyn Danzig Haas '39 Visiting Artists Fund.

October 30 — Impulse Response concert series presents "Transforming Traditions" a concert of Japanese shakuhachi (Tomie Hahn), Norwegian hardanger fiddle (Dan Trueman), and experiemental electronic music by interface Curtis Bahn, Dan Trueman, and Tomie Hahn. The Arts Center of the Capitol Region, 8PM, Troy, NY.

October 8 — iEAR presents! Classical music at the Chapel & Cultural Center: Worlds of Sound, an evening of traditional Japanese performance and experimental electronic music Part 1: Japanese traditional music and dance Tomie Hahn, shakuhachi and dance Masayo Ishigure, koto and shamisen Part 2: Experimental electronic music Pauline Oliveros, Accordion with the Expanded Instrument System, and Curtis Bahn, Sensor bass, joined by Tomie Hahn on shakuhachi. 8PM. Free Admission. Chapel and Cultural Center, Burdett Avenue, Troy, NY. Directions.

October 2 — "Arousing nostalgia—moving interviews" paper presentation in session: "Powerful Nostalgia: Recontextualizing the Past" at The Society for Ethnomusicology national conference, Miami, FL.

August 8 — lecturer on Japanese music at Japan Society as part of a summer institute: "Japanese History and Culture: Using Primary Sources in the Classroom." Japan Society, NYC.

July 19 — Shakuhachi performance at the Feminist Theory and Music 7 conference (FT&M7), Bowling Green University, Bowling Green, OH.

July 19 — Paper presentation and session chair, "Emerging voices—encounters with reflexivity" in session: "Resounding Voices: practicing feminist ethnography" Feminist Theory & Music 7 Conference: "Crossing Cultures-Crossing Disciplines" at Bowling Green University, Bowling Green, OH.

June 27— "extended instruments, extended bodies, extended sound systems; live electronic improvisations" "Interface", Curtis Bahn, Dan Trueman and Tomie Hahn with guest artist Pauline Oliveros will present an evening of live-electronic musical improvisations and interactive dance performance.  The group uses sensor-extended acoustic instruments to drive "home-made" digital signal processing environments and multi-channel sound systems.The evening will include "Pikapika," an interactive dance performance by Curtis Bahn and Tomie Hahn, and,  "Super BoSSA Nova,"  the new iteration of Trueman's award winning bowed spherical speaker. for more information: Pauline Oliveros: http://www.deeplistening.org or interface: http://www.arts.rpi.edu/crb/interface

May 23 — Invited featured guest with Curtis Bahn. Demonstration and performance of "Pikapika" at the New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) conference, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

May 3 — Performance of traditional Japanese dance and "Pikapika" for the Freer and Sackler Galleries at the Smithsonian Institute.

April 23 — Performance of new mask dance interface in a collaborative performance evening "Transfizzle" at The Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy, NY. Part of an artistic residency for Prof. Curtis Bahn's Arts Practicum course at Rensselaer. Troy, NY. Jan.-April, 2003.

April 4-6 — Presentation of current collaborative work (Hahn/Bahn) at symposium and think tank on "Video, Technology, and Performance" at Brown University, Providence, RI.

March 27 — Invited panel discussant for Initiatives for Women (IFW) Winter Forum on Women and Technology and the Alliance of Women & Technology (The Tech Valley Chapter). Response to multimedia presentation of Lori Anderson's "How I Became Canoehead." State University of New York, Albany, NY.

March 24 — Presentation of recent collaborative (Hahn/Bahn) work, Department of Music, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.

March 7 — Lecture-performance at McGill University, sponsored by the Department of Music and the Montreal Nouvelles Musiques/New Music Festival. Montreal, Canada.

Feb. 28-March 9 — Artist-in-residence as Gestural Designer for the theatrical production "The House of Bernarda Alba" by Luis Borges. Storrs Theater, Department University of Connecticut. Storrs, CT.

February 26-27 — interface performance and master class at UMBC (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

2002 Events

Conference papers

October 25 — "Fields of transformation: fieldwork as contemplative practice" in panel: "The Transformative Nature of Fieldwork." Panel organizer and co-chair (Timothy Cooley) Society for Ethnomusicology national conference, Denver, CO.

October 25 — Mentoring forum: "Passing Along our Strengths." Forum organizer and chair, sponsored by the Society for Ethnomusicology, Section on the Status of Women. Society for Ethnomusicology national conference, Denver, CO.

May 21-23 — Conference: Interfaced culture: Global and Interactive and/or Interdisciplinary Performance, Yale University. New Haven, CT. Tuesday 9:30am invited panelist with Paul Lansky, Brad Garton, Curtis Bahn, Dan Trueman, Mara Helmuth, Todd Winkler. Tuesday 8pm "Pikapika" performance. Wednesday 8pm "Streams" performance . Thursday 1:30 lecture demonstration of interactive systems with curtis Bahn and Dan Truenman.

March 20-24 — " "Wired" Women: The fantastic pleasures of moving sound" a co-authored paper with Curtis Bahn. Session: "Women and Power" at The 23rd International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, "Fantastic Visions: Re-Presenting the Unreal." Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The Association for the Fantastic in the Arts.
May 2 — Presentation of Japanese performing arts at Lincoln Grade School, Wincester, MA. 11:00am, 1:00am.

March 28 — "Something in the Way She Moves" Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT.

Feb. 11 — "Dancing in the Field", Dept. of Fine Arts, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY. 6-9pm.
October 11-12 — Guest artist and performer. "Streams" and "Pikapika" in College-Conservatory of Music Performance Arts Series: "Sonic Explorations." University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH.

May 8-12 — Artist-in-residence with Curtis Bahn, Texas University Dept. of Dance. Two nights (May 10-11, 8pm) of performances: "Pikapika" and "Sreams" in Sharir + Bustamante Danceworks 19th season concert.

April 26 — Interface and Pauline Oliveros at The Barn, Bennington College. Bennington, VT. 8pm.

April 15 — Interface at the Flea Theater, A collaboration between Electronic Music Foundation and Composers' Forum. Tribecca, NYC. 8pm.

March 12 — Performance with interface, Colgate University. Hamilton, NY.

Feb. 12 — "Performance Live!" with Curtis Bahn and Dan Trueman. Dept. of Fine Arts, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY. 7-10pm.

January 25-27 — "Thinktank on Interactive performance Systems" Ohio State University Department of Dance.
2001 Events
Conference papers
November 8 — "Physicality and Feedback: A Focus on the Body in the Performance of Electronic Music" a paper tri-authored with Curtis Bahn and Dan Trueman. Multimedia Technology and Applications Conference. University of California, Irvine.

October 26— "Dancing Music: the cultural resignification of gesture in dance & electronic music performance" a co-authored paper with Curtis Bahn. Panel "Boundaries of corporeality, sound and presence." Panel organizer and co-chair (with Deborah Wong). At Society for Ethnomusicology national conference, Detroit, MI.

September 19 — "Physicality and Feedback: A Focus on the Body in the Performance of Electronic Music" a paper tri-authored with Curtis Bahn and Dan Trueman. International Computer Music Conference, Havana Cuba.

July 7 — "I hear music when she moves: gender and pleasure within an electronic context," a co-authored paper with Curtis Bahn. At the Feminist Music and Theory 6 conference: "Confluence and Divide." Boise State University, Boise, Idaho.

March 29 — Panel presentation "Archaeology of the future: Neural systems, intelligent stages, interactive performances." At Transformation-Transition-Translation, Performance Studies International, Mainz, Germany. Panel organized by Johannes Birringer. Participants: Marina Grzinic, Scott deLahunta, Leslie Hill, Helen Paris London, Jsōrg Sonntag, Yacov Sharir.
November 2 — "Something in the Way She Moves: Composing the Sonic Body in Multi-Media Performance" Tufts Music Faculty Colloquium Series. Tisch Media Center, 11:30-1:00. Tufts University Music Department.

October 11 — "Peforming fieldwork" Wheaton College, Norton, MA.

May 10 — "Japanese Women in Performance" a lecture for American Association for University Women, Danvers, MA.

May 3— "Performing Women, a cross-cultural perspective" a lecture for American Association for University Women, Boxford, MA.

April 9 — Lecture demonstration with Curtis Bahn for: Movement—Sound Interaction, a joint course offered by the Columbia University Music Department (Computer Music Center) and the Barnard College Department of Dance, New York, NY.

Feb. 17 — "Sensational Knowledge." a lecture for American Association for University Women, Foxboro, MA.

February 14 — "Fieldwork, Performance, and Everyday Life" Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

January 22 — Presentation of Recent Work, Curtis Bahn and Tomie Hahn will present collaborative interactive dance compositions, solo bass works from "r!g," and recent performances from "interface." MIT Media Lab, 4:00 - 5:00 pm.
July 7 — "Pikapika" performance with SSpeaPer interactive movement system by Curtis Bahn. At the Feminist Music and Theory 6 conference: "Confluence and Divide" evening performance. Boise State University, Boise, Idaho.

June 18-30 — Artist-in-Residence with "interface": Curtis Bahn and Dan Trueman, to complete new work, participate in an international workshop on interactive music and dance, and give a full multi-media performance. Part of the Interactive Performance Series organized by Johannes Birringer, co-sponsored by the Ohio State University Department of Dance/Wexner Center, Sullivant Theater, Columbus, OH.

May 9 —"Streams" at the Pan-Asian American Festival, produced by the Boston Center for the Arts and the Asian American Resource Workshop (AARW), Boston, MA.

April 22 — Boston CyberArts Festival's Solo Artists on the Edge: Immersion Music for Virtuosos. Performance with interactive movement system, "Pikapika." Produced by Teresa Marrin Nakra. Somerville Theater, Cambridge, MA. See: Press photos. Rensselaer write-up.

April 20 — "Looking toward spring" a performance of traditional Japanese music and dance. Sponsored by Worldfest at Wheaton, Wheaton College, Norton, MA. Watson Theatre, 8pm.

April 10 — interface "./swank" CD release concert at Galapagos. Curtis Bahn, Dan Trueman with Perry Cook (Digital Doo), Tomie Hahn (SSpeaPer), Monica Mugan (Wacom), Galapagos Art Space, 70 N 6th St., Brooklyn, NY. (718) 782-5188.

Jan. 19 — "Moving Parts" interactive movement system and shakuhachi performance with Curtis Bahn (SensorBass) and James Coleman (theremin). Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA.
2000 Events
Conference papers
Nov. 4 — "Sensual Orientations: Considering the Sensibilities of Fieldwork"Presenter and panel co-chair, "The Sense of Sound—Imagining Music and Sensuality." Toronto 2000: Musical Intersections Conference, Toronto, Canada.

July 1 — ""Streams": Technological Embodiment of a Personal Sonic Geography." At Sound Escape, The World Conference on Acoustic Ecology. Canadian Association for Sound Ecology, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

March 12 — ""Streams": Technological Embodiment of a Personal Sonic Geography." At Visceral to Virtual, Performance Studies International Conference, Arizona StateUniversity, Phoenix, AZ.
December 15 — "The staged body, a cross-cultural perspective." Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

November 13 — "Aesthetics of the Japanese performing arts." Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.

November 9 — "Introduction to Japanese music and dance." Wheaton College, Norton, MA.

February 21 — "Introduction to Japanese music." Clark University, Worster, MA.
December 31 — First Night at the Hynes Convention Center Cafe with Immersion Music. Performance of interactive music system "Pikapika."

November 9 — "Pikapika" Cyberarts Festival Preview Event. Tower Gallery, Massachusetts College of Arts, Boston, MA. Photos.

September 15, 16 — "Pikapika" with interface at Mobius, Boston, MA.

June 30 — "Streams" in the Peterborough New Dance series at the Market Hall Theatre, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

May 1 — A performance of Japanese sokyoku music with Masayo Ishigure, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

April 10 — "Streams" with interface at Interactive Performance Series New York University/iEAR/ Harvestworks, NYC.
March 23 — "The Floating Island" and other works by poet Pablo Medina. Shakuhachi performance, with percussionist Satoshi Takeishi. Seton Hall University Poetry in the Round Montclaire, NJ.

March 3, 4 — "Streams" with interface at Mobius, Boston , MA.

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