June 28th 2008, Karmetik Collective with Eccodek, f. Kiran Ahluwalia - Victoria Jazz Fest

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Karmetik Collective is an international group of musicians, composers, scientists, engineers and artists who have assembled together in order to fuse traditional Indian classical music with modern technology that includes human-computer interfaces, robotics and artificial intelligence. The end result is electro-organic tribal dance grooves that are anything but science fiction. The maestro of this unique enterprise is Ajay Kapur electronic sitar, Music Technology Coordinator at the California Institute of the Arts. A musician at heart – he has trained on tabla, sitar and various percussion instruments – Kapur is primarily focused on getting computers to improvise with humans. To do that he has built new interfaces using special microchips and sensors that are combined with robotic musical instruments that are programmed to perform with humans. Add in some wearable sensors and other 21st century techno-tricks and you get something akin to 2008: A Sonic Odyssey. The collective includes Curtis Bahn electronic dilruba, Jesse Brown astrophonics, Manj Benning drums/electronics, Maha Devi robotic drum.


Widely acknowledged as a gifted “sonic architect,” Canadian producer Andrew McPherson keyboards/flutes/lutes works at the crossroads where global groove, dub and electronica meet . . . and party! His long-time band is Eccodek, and on 2003’s More Africa In Us and the recent Voices Have Eyes (White Swan), the visionary blending of beats and genres has met with wild acclaim. By no means just a studio magician, McPherson and his five-man crew can bring those seductive soundscapes alive on stage. His current tour includes special guest Kiran Ahluwalia, the superlative vocalist whose mesmerizing voice has enchanted audiences internationally. Ahluwalia, who received a Juno Award in 2005 for “Best World Music Album”, was nominated again in 2008 for “World Music Album of the Year”. Eccodek also consists of Deliveryboy beats/ samples, Jim Knight bass, Brent Rowan alto saxophone/percussion, Jason Shute congas/djembe and Steve Clark drums. “An ethereal, atmospheric global soundtrack.” – Toronto Star
Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts