Arts Practicum Spring 2003 - Arts 4050

Artists in Residence:

Interface - electronic chamber ensemble

Curtis Bahn . Dan Trueman . Tomie Hahn . Perry Cook

Important Dates:

Dan Trueman talks about extended instrument composition and performance.
Thursday Feb. 6th, ACCR, 2:00

Trueman, Bahn and Smallwood concert. "impulse response" concert series

Perry Cook presentation "designing a computer music controller and recent work."
West Hall 118 Monday 3/17, 2:00 - 4:00
Class project discussion 4:00-6:00

Concert rehearsals and set-up ACCR, April 22nd 10-10
Concert April 23rd ACCR, 8:00 (perhaps preconcert demonstration?)

ACCR is the Arts Center of the Capital Region, 265 River Street, Troy, 518.273.0552

Class Message Board (user transformation, password water)

Max/MSP/jitter resources

readings by "interface:"

Principles for Designing Computer Music Controllers - Cook
Interface, electronic chamber ensemble - Bahn, Trueman
BoSSA - the deconstructed violin reconstructed - Trueman, Cook
Alternative Voices for Electronic Sound - Trueman, Bahn, Cook
Pikapika - The Collaborative Composition of an Interactive Sonic Character - Hahn and Bahn
Physicality and Feedback: A Focus on the Body in the Performance of Electronic Music - Bahn, Hahn, Trueman

other readings and resources:

Embodied Interaction: Exploring the Foundations of a New Approach to HCI - Dourish
Too Many Notes: Computers, Complexity and Culture in Voyager - Lewis
Electronic Music: New Ways to Play - Paradiso
Gestural Control of Music - Wanderley
ICMA Working Group for Interactive Systems and Instrument Design in Music
Readings from New Instruments for Musical Expression (NIME) 2001
New Instruments for Musical Expression (NIME) 2002
Resources for Instrument Builders - Bahn
Links to readings and media regarding interactive instrument design and practice

Discussion Threads:

practicum ideas and initial organization 1/17

Initial Work Groups:

Video: Group Leader Jesse Stiles

Jonathan, David, Ray, Ben and Nathan

Sound: Group Leader Sarah Warren

Michael, David, Jonathan, Eric, J, Vitek, Aaron, Ben, Matt, Matt, Ward

Interface: Group Leader crb?

Aaron, Vitek, Michael, Carl, Ray, Maura, Aaron, Ben

Organization/Web: Group Leader Maura

J., Vitek, Carl, Matt, Matt, Ward