Review of "Interface" at Mylos Jazz Bar, Thessoloniki Greece, ICMC 1997  



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Review of ICMC concert Midnight Cabaret at Mylos Jazz Bar, September 28, 1997

Teresa Marrin


The third piece on the program was "Improvisation," for the dynamic electronic duo of Dan Trueman on electric violin and Curtis Bahn on string bass. This strong, Princeton-based collaboration was very much in the idiom of modern instrumental art-music, with strong references to free-style jazz and other improvisatory traditions. The piece began in flautando style --very fast, fluttery, and completely unprocessed except for amplification. Then, the bass began to show a processed sound, followed by the violin a minute or so later. A kind of shapeless chaos ensued while both of them hacked around a bit; this was followed by a second section which featured sampled vocal syllables. The third section was chirpy and insect-like, followed by a fourth section which was very rhythmic and contained manysounds of tapped wood. The fifth section was a very fast flautando with quick accents, completed by a very eloquent and musical ending, which the crowd liked a lot. Highlights of the performance included some nice real-time audio processing and vocal sounds, but particularly the fine,'analog' musicianship of both Trueman and Bahn. Bahn's instrument was very interesting and clearly he was very close to it; he played it with authority and dedication. Trueman has a very novel bass technique, lots of slapping wood, slapping strings. They have an excellent vibe together and put across a polished-sounding improvisation.




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