Reading and Listening Suggestions

Recommended Books

Roger Dean, Hyperimprovisation: Computer-Interactive Sound Improvisation
CMDAS 19 ISBN 0-89579-508-6 (2003) xxvi + 206 pp. and CD-ROM (cross platform) $49.95

Winkler, Todd: Composing Interactive Music: Techniques and Ideas Using Max

Robert Rowe: Machine Musicianship

Perry Cook: Real Sound Synthesis for Interactive Applications (With CD-ROM)

Matt Gilliland and Ken Gracey: Microcontroller Application Cookbooks 1 and 2.

M. Wanderley and M. Battier (eds). 2000. Trends in Gestural Control of Music. IRCAM - Centre Pompidou.
Available from the EMF - CDemusic

LaBelle, Brandon and Steve Roden: The Sight of Sound : Available from the EMF - CDemusic

Sounds (and more)

Race in Digital Space: Presented by University of Southern California and Massachusetts Institute of Technology In conjunction with University of California-Santa Barbara and New York University: program notes and mp3s of gearge lewis and others

European free improvisation page:

Creative misuse and abuse of musical tools: Ryan Hildebrand, free improvisation and extended techniques, electronica, musique concrete and tape music, turntablism


NIME 2003 Proceedings
NIME 2002 Proceedings
NIME 2001 Proceedings

Working Group in Interactive Systems and Instrument Design in Music

Winkler: Making Motion Musical: Gestural Mapping Strategies for Interactive Computer Music.

Paradiso: Electronic Music - New Ways to Play

Wanderley: Gestural Control of Music

Mulder: Towards a Choice of Gestural Constraints for Instrumental Performers

Ryan: Some Remarks on Musical Instrument Design at STEIM

Wessel and Wright: Problems and Prospects for Intimate Musical Control of Computers

Vertegaal et al.: Towards a Musician's Cockpit: Transducers, Feedback and Musical Function

Orio et al.: New Interfaces for Musical Performance

Electronic Music Interfaces - joe Paradiso, MIT Media Lab

online improvisation papers:

Texts on improvised and experimental music from Resonance magazine

Early Instruments

120 years of electronic instruments:

futurist machines,
The "Intonorumori" (1913), "Rumorarmonio" (1922)
& the "Enharmonic Piano" (1931)

Russalo; the art of noises: