Extended Instrument Composition and Performance

Brown University
Fridays 2:30-5:00
Curtis Bahn crb@rpi.edu

Class Projects



Resources for Instrument Builders


This project-based seminar will focus on the composition of extended instruments for musical or multi-media performance. Our investigation will necessarily involve a range of topics and disciplines including: composition for interactive and improvisational performance, human/computer interaction, interface design, basic electronics, sensors, micro-controllers, and MAX/MSP/jitter programming (www.cycling74.com). This is an intimidating list of topics for most anyone, but one major objective of the seminar is to provide musicians and artists with the tools necessary to begin or expand work in this increasingly important genre with little or no previous experience.

In the course of the semester, students will realize individual or collaborative extended instrument designs and compose contexts for their performance. I will also present my current projects and work alongside the class. Each of us will be expected to operate with a degree of independence, and to share our research developments with the class as we progress. The semester will be culminated by a public presentation/performance of our work.