Extended Sitar and Dilruba

Based on a Dilruba and an "Ovation" electric sitar developed by Ajay Sharma of Rikhi Ram Musical Instrumnets in New Delhi, I've added a simple sensor interface based on the "teabox" interface by electrotap. The instruments are played through an interactive MAX/MSP performance patch which analyzes the pitch and quality of the notes and maps the sound into musical processes based in abstracted concepts of raga. The instruments are played in traditional to highly abstracted musical contexts as you can hear and see below.


ovation sitar



meend sensor

performance interface

sensor esraj

eSitar at colourscape

SekunSak ensemble


opening Bhajan with Karnamrita - Live at Sadhana

Short video of performance with the MahadeviBot in Vancouver at the Western Front

opening of "Bhatik," eDilruba, Arne Eigenfeldt's "Kenetic Engine" and wiiremote driving MahaDeviBot 3/09

Sitar-level view of Face Removal Services at Revolution Hall

Yaman Practice eDilruba 10/2/08

Jog practice (with new marcov harmonium and brownian drums) 10/1/08

Mishra Bhairavi eDilruba practice 6/1/08

Face Removal Services Live at Revolution Hall 11/19/07 [video]

Face Removal Services unedited studio recording 12/07

eDilruba with Aparna Panshikar and SekunSak at the Colorscape Festival in England 6/07

Abstracted Raga Yaman on eDilruba 11/07

Abstracted Raga Gujari Todi on eSitar 11/07

Abstracted Raga Lalit on eDilruba 11/07

Aparna Panshikar singing through the performance system at the India International Centre, Delhi 2/10/07 as part of the Carnival of eCreativity

The following videos were shot in my home studio 1/07 as documentation of the developing sitar interface.

Video performance exerpt 1 (115M)

Video performance exerpt 2 (46M)