Computer Music Studio : Project1
- Music with Natural Sounds final composition

1) Final Composition on Audio CD,
2-4 minutes

Due date: 2/9 - present in class.

Name your piece.

Your piece should present a clear sound world, form and approach to sound transformation.

Make sure your piece has good levels, no unwanted sounds or pauses before and after, and is clearly labelled.

By now you should have a good grasp on your sound world and on mixing and processing techniques. Now is the time to commit your materials to a form and master your recording as an uncompressed soundfile on an Audio CD.

Think about the many approaches to form and sound that we have discussed in class and that many of you discussed in Prof. Rolnick's class. especially notion relating to the following:

-the choice and evolution of your "sound world"
-concepts and analogies to orchestration in electronic music
-sound "registration," dimensionality and spatialization
-how does a composition build tension and meaning
-what's the scenery and what is doing the driving?

In terms of different techniques and possibilities think of the following:

-classical studio techniques: envelopes, playing backward, looping, detuning, filtering
-room simulation, reverb and delays
-time-based effects, changing pitch by slowing down and speeding up, multi-tap delays
-effects based on analysis: speed and pitch changed independently
-mastering techniques: EQ, compressor, limiter

Its often helpful to think of where the music is taking you, why you are there, what is happening in that sonic world, what is driving the piece forward if anything etc.


In class we listened to :

Dawn By A Gentle Stream - Dan Gibson
Uber De Stile - Christina Kubisch
Penny Lane - Beatles
Yellow Submarine - Beatles

Everest - Ratatat

Ur Tchan Tan Tse Qi - Matmos, from A Chance to Cut Is a Chance to Cure Electronic
Mom's - Carl Stone