Final Computer Music Composition

Type of project: composition
Format to turn in: composition on CD, or other through communication with instructor (max patch, animation w/soundtrack on CD/DVD etc.)
Due dates:
Proposal: 4/6
Sketch: 4/22

Class presentation, All work due: 4/27


For your final project, create a composition employing your choice of any tools or concepts covered in the course. This composition should be more substantial then the normal class assignment with a more developed artistic concept and form. You may use the resources of the studios or your own equipment.

Think about the final as having at least two different developed elements, sections, or processes. Like a live recording integrated with a sequence, a composition with two themes, or a verse and a chorus, a sequence with two sections, or patch that integrates MIDI and video processing.

One criteria for the final is that it is music that you like and would like to listen to.
We will discuss these projects more in class. If you have any questions about the scope of the assignment, or whether a particular approach is acceptable, please email

The final has three parts:

the Proposal 4/6:

Bring in some existing piece of music or art that influences you in your final and explain to us aspects of its inner workings that have influenced you or inspired you. Give your piece a working title. Discuss the approach you will have in creating the piece, the software and hardware you will use and the final format of your project. This is more then just saying, "I'm going to use Reason and make a piece." we want as much detail as you can muster and any media that will help us hear and see where you are going.


the Sketch 4/20:
Complete a sketch for at least one aspect of your piece. This could include your own live recordings, MIDI sequences or Max patches.

Your presentation could include other media, charts, pictures, recordings etc as examples so we get the idea. make your sketch as complete as you can, but realize it is not your final work.

the Performance 4/27:
Play your completed piece in class and discuss its architecture and issues you had in creating it.
Projects will be presented on 4/27 in class. All classwork/assignments/reports etc.are due on that day.