Computer Music Studio : Melodic Contours


Type of project: audio files from MIDI sequence

Format to turn in: class presentation/audio CD

Due date: (2/24)


- Getting Started Guide for Reason. Especially, chapter 6 - "managing the rack," chapter 7 - "the sequencer," and chapter 8 - "using pattern devices." You may not need to read these in full, but many questions you may develop will be answered here.
- Additional information about individual instruments and their operation, pattern and drum tracks, writing soundfiles to disk, sequences, routing etc. can be found in the Full Manual.


In this part of the assignment, you will create a series of melodies to combine with your drum tracks. Using the track you created for 2/17, compose at least two contrasting melodies using the following concepts:

- Melodic range and contour - the shape of melodic outline, direction etc.
- Conjunct/disjunct motion
- phrase divisions, antecedent consequent phrases
- musical motif , a short musical idea - shorter than a phrase - that occurs often in a piece of music.
- theme and variations form

more information about melodies and form:
Melody, by Catherine Schmidt-Jones
An introduction to the basic element of music called melody, with some useful definitions.

How do different melodies re-enforce or create a counterpoint to your drum beats?

Some Youtube Reason tutorials, follow related links for more.

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