Computer Music Studio : Reason - Drum Sketch


Type of project: drum sequence

Format to turn in: class presentation/audio CD

Due date: (2/17)


- Getting Started Guide for Reason. Especially, chapter 6 - "managing the rack," chapter 7 - "the sequencer," and chapter 8 - "using pattern devices." You may not need to read these in full, but many questions you may develop will be answered here.
- Additional information about individual instruments and their operation, pattern and drum tracks, writing soundfiles to disk, sequences, routing etc. can be found in the Full Manual.


In this assignment, you will create a rhythmic composition using Reason or another MIDI sequencer. In Reason, the composition should use the ReDrum pattern device to create a sequence of beats. The beat patterns should work together to create an interesting compositional form with at least two differing sections. In the next assignment, you will add more melodic interest and signal processing to the beats you create, but mainly focus on rhythm for this assignment.
1) Create a new rack. The rack should be set up with a mastering suite and a 14:2 mixer to start off.
2) Add (using the "Create" menu) a ReDrum pattern device to this rack. Look through the various libraries of ReDrum sounds and create a drum set pallette that you like.
3) Create at least two basic rhythmic patterns and a number of variations of these patterns.
4) Practice playing the patterns directly from the Redrum front panel (hit run and then select between patterns).
5) Put the sequencer in record mode and "perform" the basic structure of your song.
6) Look at the sequencer view, select the ReDrum track, select the "Show Pattern Lane" view and edit the form to make it exactly what you wanted and to add additional details. Select the pattern with the pulldown menu and draw it into your score where you want it. Experiment with shifting the pattern on the barline, and/or on subdivisions of the bar.
7) experiment with adding some signal processing to the ReDrum track. Create a digital delay or other effect and route the ReDrum through it.
8) with the record transport in "overdub" mode, refine your mix with by recording pan, volume and other automated effects.
9) Use the Mastering Suite at the top of the rack to compress and equalize the final result.
10) Export your song to disk to create an audio CD, and save the rack to disk so we can see your sequences in class.
11) Hand in an Audio CD of the composition.

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