IEAR Graduate Computer Music Studio (CMUSIC)

The Computer Music Studio is a graduate music and sound product facility for hard-disk (digital) audio recording and editing; MIDI control of samplers, synthesizers, and processors; computer music programming; and electronic music composition. This is a fully automated, digital audio studio with timecode sync directly to digital video.

The equipment includes the following:

Computers, Studio mixer and monitors:

Macintosh G3

Yamaha 02R 24 channel, 8 bus digital mixing console

KRK E8 Expose Loudspeakers [studio monitors (2)]

Tascam DA-88 with SY-88 Sync Card

Digidesign Pro-Tools 24 System with 888 interface

Tascam CD-RW5000 [CD player/recorder]

Panasonic SV-3700 [DAT machine]

Nakamichi MR-1 [cassette deck]

Panasonic AG-1980 SVHS Recorder

Sony DSR-80 [DVCAM Recorder]

192 point analog patch-bay, 48 point digital audio patch-bay

Sound Modules and MIDI equipment:

E-mu Proteus/2 [sound module]

Kurzweil K2000-RS [sampler]

Yamaha TG77 [synthesizer]

Lexicon PCM-70 [multi-effects processor]

Yamaha SPX-900 [multi-effects processor]

Lexicon PCM-80 [multi-effects processor]

Fatar Studio 1100 [MIDI keyboard]

Mark of the Unicorn MIDI Time Piece II [MIDI

Mark of the Unicord Digital Time Piece

Aardvark Master Digital Sync Generator


Pro-Tools Digital recording, editing and sound processing software

Max Construction kit for live interactive composition/performance

Logic Audio Platnum, Studio Vision Pro, Digital Performer MIDI


Galaxy Pro - MIDI librarian