Introduction to Computer Music History, Theory and Practice

Basic acoustics/ psycho acoustics

The Structure of a Studio

Mixing, Recording and Sound processing

Soundscape composition and musique concrete

Applications: Protools and "Plug-ins," Peak, SoundEdit 16



Chadabe ch. 1-5


John Cage, Silence


Curtis Roads, The Computer Music Tutorial

Background: The History of Digital Audio Recording, pp. 7-14

Basics of Sound Signals, pp. 14-47

F. R. Moore, Elements of Computer Music

Introduction pp. 1-26

(pp. 23-26 Interdisciplinary context of computer music)

On-Line readings:

"Keep Your Ear-Lids Open," By: Gary Ferrington

Being able to perceive visual and aural stimuli are natural capabilities most humans have at birth. However, the ability to derive meaning from these stimuli is a learned process beginning with infancy and continuing throughout one's lifetime.

Audio Design: Creating Multi-Sensory Images For The Mind

By Gary Ferrington

When television, in the 1950's, replaced radio as the principle medium of home entertainment, the listener no longer had to use his or her imagination. Favorite characters and their actions became visually detailed. Society has increasingly relied on images created by others to give form and definition to the world in which all live.

Noise Picture Method: A Manifesto?

By David Rothenberg.

"This is the world of noise, the noise world, where too much is happening and nothing needs to be seen. No one tells you where to look, human pictures and messages announce themselves everywhere, wishing so much to mean something while the words only serve to obliterate any real meaning of the world's necessity to be one way and not any other. All we have created is a world of possibility, with no choice more necessary than any other." Published in Finnish in Kuva, Spring 1998, a magazine of photography and design.


Sound and Musical Acoustics links

Demonstrations in Auditory Perception

McGill University

A multimedia presentation of selected topics in Auditory Perception.

Check out Basic Acoustics and PsychoAcoustics


Course Notes by David Worrall.

Sensation and Perception Tutorials John H. Krantz, Ph.D

A small collection of tutorials and demonstrations related to our senses.

Sound engineering/ Studio techniques

McGill Microphone Bibliography and links

Acoustic & Ethnic Instruments - Microphone Techniques

As Published in EQ Magazine April '97

Microphone Theory 1& 2 (basic w/ drawings of different types of mics)

Mixing Board Basics

Live recording Basics

Recording and Engineering articles


SoundEdit 16

User's Guide

Ch. 1 Introducing the SE16 Environment, pp. 8-16

Ch. 2 SE16 Tutorial, pp. 17-41

Ch. 3 Producing High-Quality Sound, pp. 43-60

Ch. 4 Reference Manual


User Guide

Ch. 2 Essential Concepts, pp. 9 - 20

Ch. 3 Creating Sessions, pp. 21 - 56

Ch. 4 Working With Tracks, pp. 57 - 78

Plug-In User's Guide

GRM Tools TDM Plug-ins Vol. 1 and 2

Yamaha 02R