Live Electronics/ Interactive Music composition



Chadabe ch. 8-12

On-line Readings:

David Tudor Articles and resources

About Max Neuhaus and Suspended Sound Line


MAX Sites and the Unmax Site

Max resources and more hosted by iEAR grad Johnny DeKam

CNMAT - Berkley


Ircam FTP - the mother load of externals

US Mirror of Ircam archive

Peter Castine

Dr. karlheinz Essl -- many great objects and abstractions, tutorials and


Nick Rothwell

Peter Elsea Electronic Music Studios University of California, Santa Cruz

Stephan Kay / Mega max Objects

The searchable archive of the Max List

Rainstic - Holland - weird objects

Opcode Systems

Tommy Dog's MAX resource page

Micro-Controller Information

Basic Stamp pages

Perry Cooks Princeton Pages

Dan Trueman’s Pages