PIP - Performance Installation and Production, Spring 2000
Curtis Bahn Ph.D.
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PIP features a guest residency project, as well as acting as an umbrella allowing student credit for numerous creative activities at the iEAR studios. These activities include participation in the hOUR iEAR public access cable show, the hEAR iEAR radio show at WRPI, and the documentation/technical crew of the Electronic Arts Performance Series (EAPS), coordinated by Scott Smallwood. Individuals involved in these activities will be selected during the first class period. Credit and grading will be arranged through individual written agreements with the instructor.

The majority of the class will participate in a collaborative residency project with Elizabeth STREB. All class members are expected to exhibit personal involvement and incentive in the conception, creation and presentation of this project. This is your project, "PIP" is unusual in that you as a class will be taking the main organizational role in developing and realizing your ideas. The more responsibility you take as individuals, and as a class, the more successful (and fun) the process will be. Grading will be based on individual progress, responsibility and involvement in the class project, as well as your collaborative interactions with the guest artists and other class members. Numerous people in the class will take organizational responsibilities in the class, each of us is to respect them and follow their direction.

The Project: STREB

"One of the most interesting members of the new 'post-modern' generation of choreographers, [Elizabeth] Streb is adept at turning bursts of pure athletic energy into witty, risky, and surprisingly touching dance."
-New York Times, Jennifer Dunning.

This semester we will be collaborating with students Architecture and working with Elizabeth Streb. MacArthur award winning choreographer Elizabeth Streb, whose work is known for primal energy, physical risk and daring acrobatic feats, will critique and engage our work at an evening of reflected work as part of the Electronic Arts Performance Series on April 18th.

We will begin the semester by evaluating possible directions for our work with Streb and designing potential proposals. We will present them to architecture and join them in constructing 8 different ideas combining their designs of physical space and our ideas involveing multi-media /video/sound etc. We do not know what we will do. It is our responsibility to invent an approach to dealing with Streb's extreme style.

1) We will start with a series of "action pieces" defined by Streb that need to get incorporated into each project. Each design proposal will work with a series of these discrete action works to define a. the spatial realm and b. all the forces that you can imagine
2) Even though Streb will define her set of movements the conceptual and development of the projects must allow for different dancers at different times to occupy/transform conceptual proposals (again aleatory).
3) A budget, will be negotiated for the construction of the projects
3) Project must be able to be installed over a 7-9 day period (including one or two weekends). This means that the project must be almost completely prepared here in the Greene Building before final installation.
4) The project must be able to be taken on the road.
5) The site will be specifically addressed in the development of the proposal.
6) We will be actively involved with issues of lighting and projection, sound - both electronic and non-electronic, sensors and enhancers, virtual and physical elements

Streb Project Tentative Schedule: Key Dates

Jan 13 - Streb Presentation - orientation

Jan 20 -  Presentation of  GeoSonics, 
Sensor/Video resources. 

Jan 27 -  Pinup - individual ideas.  
Selection of teams

Feb 3 -  Pinup/ resources investigation
	Feasibility of main ideas

Feb 10 - meet with arch. present ideas.
	Divide into groups with arch

Feb 17 - Initial materials/resources budget and 
Availability investigations due.

Feb 24  - Phase 1 Due Streb Visit ?

March 2 - Phase 2 Due Streb Visit?
Materials Procurement

March 9 - Construction/Development

March 11-19. Spring Break

March 23 - Construction/Development

March 30 -  crb at tech arts fest in atlanta

April 6 - Construction

April 13 - "Dress rehearsals"
April 17th - Installation
April 18th  Presentation
April 19-20 break-down clean-up

April 27 - no class. - Documentation Due

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