crOwd cOntrOl

MP3s from a concert of compositions from Curtis Bahn's Fall 2000 Undergraduate Computer Music Composition class, 11/30/2000 iEARspace, Dept. of the Arts, R.P.I.

Prelude - Chris Adams, " xyareyouhere" (MAX/MSP installation)

Gwynne Vriesema - "Furry-toed Beginning"

Josh Bowlby - "In To It"

Jossie Higuerey - "this Day, this Way"

Steve Stierer - "Once Over"

Nicholas Lue - "El Nico" (Live Electronic-Jazz Performance)

Kirk Duwell - "Belgian Delight"

Jason Scheiner - "And You Don't Seem To"

Ben Knapp - "1306"

Bryan Spinelli, James Cooney - "Plastic" (Live 4-channel performance mix)

Ian Gilhooley - "Radass Bass Beat"

Allison Becher- "Hyper"

Jennifer Ortiz - "Not Related to Sunrise"

Adam Varga, Ryan Coakley, Aaron Taylor-Waldman - Live Performance

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