Multi-Media Performance Systems

Fall 2009

Curtis Bahn Ph.D.
Phone:(518) 276-4032

09 Syllabus



Class Schedule and Assignments:

Schedule is subject to change according to class level and number of advanced track vs. basic track students.
Student presentations: Each week we will have one or two student presentations of influential artists or personal work.
Control and Logic - MAX
1. Sept. 1
Orientation: structure of Max, basic operation.
Discussion: what is interactivity ?
Lab: Max tutorials:
2. Sept. 8
Dream Systems Presentations: present in class a short proposal sketch for your “Dream System,” or a detailed description of your current project (Grads, Culminating and Advanced students). Support presentation with sounds, sketches, video, images etc.
Lab: Max tutorials: 1-12
3. Sept. 15
Structural Diagrams discussion in class: Make a modular diagram of the major aspects of your final project patch. Then try to break down major functions into sub-functions (and sub-functions into sub-sub-functions...). Basic students in "pseudo code" and images, advanced students in real code.
Lab: Max tutorials: 13-24
4. Sept. 22
research of similar work and projects. search the web and NIME abstracts for projects that have a similar approach to yours either esthetically or technically. take what you can from those projects - code, patches, images etc. study what you find and try to apply it to your work.
Lab: Max Tutorals: 24-43

5. Sept. 29 - Blair Neil performance patch demo.

Sound and video workshop.

Lab: MSP Tutorials: intro-13
6. Oct. 6

Student presentation: mockup of initial work on projects and establishments of personal deadlines.
Lab: MSP tutorials: 14-26

7. Oct. 13 monday – no class
8. Oct. 17
Lab: MSP tutorials: 27-31
9. Oct 20th Student presentations of work on projects and progress towards personal

Visual Performance and Jitter
9. Oct. 27
Lab: Jitter tutorials: intro-9
10. Nov. 3
Lab: Jitter tutorials: 10-20
11. Nov. 10
Lab: Jitter tutorials: 21-26,
12. Nov. 17
Student presentations of working mockups of projects and progress towards personal deadlines.
Lab: jitter recipes
14. Nov. 24 NO CLASS - Thanksgiving
Putting it together - final presentations and performances
15. Dec.1,
Final Presentations in class – Grads full working demo prior to crit presentations.
16. Dec. 8,
Final Presentations in class – Undergrad completed projects.

Class Resources


On-Line Readings, Media Examples /Pieces/ and Interfaces

Books and Resources from Other Courses

Code examples