Zeltzimba (1994)

Curtis Bahn (ASCAP) duration: 12:11

While I was a graduate student at Princeton University I had the opportunity to see Nancy Zeltsman perform numerous times in many different contexts. I became interested in writing a piece that would highlight her incredible musicality and range of articulation. I was fortunate to live close enough that I could visit her often for lessons, demonstrations of various techniques, and recording sessions to generate source material for the electronic portion of the composition, which is created completely from the awesome sound of her 5-octave marimba. I thank Nancy for her time and help in realizing the piece.

Curtis Bahn is Assistant Professor of Computer Music and Interactive Media and in the Integrated Electronic Arts program (iEAR), and Assistant Professor of Information Technology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He received his Ph.D. in music composition from Princeton University where his primary teachers were Paul Lansky, Steve Mackey, and Paul Koonce. From 1986 to 1993 he was the Technical Director of the Center for Computer Music of the City University of New York, where he worked and studied with the composer Charles Dodge. He has taught at the Columbia University Computer Music Center (CMC) and at NYU, Princeton, and CUNY. His music has been presented at ICMC, ISEA, SEAMUS, the Styrian Autumn Festival, the Warsaw Autumn Festival, Musik Aktuell, the Saalfeldon Jazz Festival, Mobius in Boston and the Kitchen in New York City. Curtis' current research is involved with interactive multi-media performance algorithms, gestural interfaces, and sonic displays employing spherical speaker arrays.



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