ARTS-4966, 6965. Experimental Telepresence Spring ’08

Weekly Schedule, Assignments and Announcements

1/31 circuit workshop

Arduino interfacing information:
interfacing arduino with hardware:
interfacing arduino with software:
interfacing arduino with MAX

voltage divider circuits
components for musical devices:

Tactile sound in home theater guide
clark synthesis


1/17 First Class and Project Orientation


Think about haptic interfaces for large and small ensembles, individuals, wired and wireless possibilities. We need to come up with a design and prototype that we can build as soon as possible to begin trying out communications and integration into telepresence software.

Investigate the following links and other related material having to do with telepresence and haptics and come up with a set of ideas to present to the class regarding work that you discovered and the design and use of haptic interfaces for co-located communication and performance.

Class Presentation: Make a presentation of your "dream" designs for haptic interfaces and ways that we can use them. Presentations should be as media-rich as possible including links, web pages, sounds, drawings, animations etc. that we can post and share on our web site.

Install skype and ichat and create an account. by next week, we will exchange account names.

Purchase a headset mic for skype/ichat.


Rensselaer's "Technophobe" Site from Neil Rolnick's collaboration:

Kyle’s Haptics wikis

The SensorWiki:

Related Haptics Projects:

Basic Definition and previous uses of haptic feedback

Haptic Symposium links to DIY articles and projects:

Haptic Music Excercises (Verplank):
Haptic Theremin

A Shoulder Pad Insert Vibrotactile Display
The HugShirt - telesnuggling...

vibrotactile displays citations: