ARTS-4966, 6965. Experimental Telepresence Spring ’08
Curtis Bahn PhD, Jonas Braasch PhD, Instructors
Sarah Weaver Visiting Artist in Residence
Michael Bullock PhD Research Assistant
West Hall 118, 4:00-7:50 Thursdays
Office hours and meetings by appointment.

This semester we will investigate the possibility of extending computer communication with touch. Building on research in telepresence developed by Jonas Brasch, Pauline Oliveros, at RPI and our partners in the “Telematic Circle” (, we will build and use simple haptic interfaces - similar to vibration feedback in popular video games - to provide a sense of physicality and touch for live internet transmissions of music, dance, visual art, performance art or any variety of media in co-located performances. The seminar is held in cooperation with The multimedia ensemble Tintinnabulate, the NYSTAR Acoustics and Telepresence lab in the Gurley Building, EMPAC seed research support, and CCRMA at Stanford University.

Our work has two main branches: developmental research in telepresence and haptics software/hardware, and experiential research in distance performance and co-located music. While both these branches stem from the same fundamental exploration, members of the class will form a teams specializing in certain areas and developments. The teams will come together to produce connections and experiments between the WH118 telepresence lab and the NYSTAR lab in the Gurley building, as well as to participate in concerts and meetings with our partners in the “Telematic Circle.”

Prerequisite: computer music 2020 or Permission of Instructor. Meets w/Arts 6965. Cr: 4 Instr: Bahn - Arts, Brasch - Arch.


Syllabus (pdf)