Performance Interface


My performance interface is developed in the MAX/MSP environment. It coordinates MIDI continuos control messages from the sensor bass, the bubba ball, a Peavey PC1600 controller, and several foot pedals - mapping them into real-time performance processes. The interface encompasses pre-composed sound-files, interactive compositional and mixing algorithms, control of an external MIDI sampler, and "home-brewed" digital signal processing algorithms for harmonization, modulation, comb filtering, various delays, and physical modeling drawing heavily on the PeRColate MSP externals by Dan Trueman and Luke DuBois. The sounds of the interface are spatialized into an 8 channel performance system consisting of several spherical speaker arrays. The exact form and configuration of the interface and performance system changes constantly according to the needs of the situation.

Rather then being developed for a particular composition, the interface was designed to allow me to bring activities and processes developed in the compositional studio into the sphere of real-time performance. To this end, the modules and routing are designed as flexibly as possible to enable improvisational freedom with the vast array of materials encompassed in the interface.

Consisting of pre-composed materials, real-time compositional algorithms, spontaneous interactive filtering and sonic transformations, the interface is a composition of compositions; a "meta-composition" that grows and changes as I grow in my performance.

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