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Projects :

Karmetic Collective at Victoria Jazz Fest

Carnival of eCreatity, New Delhi

Adaptive Use Interaces - Deep Listening Institute

Face Removal Services - Jesse Stiles

MotionE, ASU/AME residency to develop "How Long Does the Subject Linger at the Edge of the Volume," with Trisha Brown, Paul Kaiser, Marc Downie and Shelly Eshkar

Interface - Dan Trueman and Tomie Hahn


"recordingfield, H" DVD of interface with Pauline Oliveros. Deeplistening Publications DL-DVD-27.

"r!g," solo performance CD, EMF CD030

"./swank," "interface" duo CD with Dan Trueman, Guest Perry Cook.

"ISP72-2K," Curtis Bahn, Scott Smallwood, Joel Taylor electro-acoustic improvisations, Wavelet Records.

"Lovelyville," Music from Princeton, Recording of "Zeltzimba," with Nancy Zeltsman, Princeton University CD.

"And Trouble Came" Musical Responses to Aids, Recording of "Self-Requium" by Rulon/Bahn, CRI CD729.

interactive gestural performance interfaces and sonic display systems:

extended sitar and dilruba

"SBass," Sensor/Bass controller

Spherical Speaker Arrays and SenSAs

"SSpeaPer" the Sensor/Speaker Performer interface

MAX/MSP performance interface

dance/movement compositions:

in/still Tomie Hahn and Curtis Bahn with PLOrk, the Princeton Laptop Orchestra

"Streams" dance/movement composition

"Pikapika" dance/movement composition


"Physicality and Feedback: a focus on the body in the performance of electronic music," Bahn, Hahn, Trueman

"interface, electronic chamber ensemble," Bahn and Trueman

"Alternative Voices for Electronic Sound," Trueman, Bahn, Cook

"Integrated Electronic Arts at Rensselaer," ICMC 2000 Studio Report, Bahn

Leonardo Digital Reviews


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