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The Pauline Oliveros Series at The Stone presents: Laajawab - music crossing all borders, raga-electronica-sound collage, a live interactive performance by Curtis Bahn - electric sitar / esraj / laptop and Steve Gorn - bansuri flute, clarinet and percussion. The Stone Avenue C & end Street, NYC. Tuesday Aug. 28, 8:00.

Curtis named the 2012 Asian Cultural Council "Ralph Sameulson Fellow" and granted funds for sabbatical travel in India to study sitar with Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan and to collaborate with contemporary artists.

"Brilliant musicmakers are allied with fantastical robotic instruments in this paradigm-shifting performance that invokes “samsara”—the Sanskrit concept of the cycle of birth, life, death, and reincarnation—as the Machine Orchestra offers musical interpretations of several traditional Indian fables drawn from the Panchatantra and the Jataka Tales. Musicians, electro-mechnical instruments, dancers, and multiple speakers are dispersed in and around the audience for this “rebirth” of ancient morality tales in the technologically ingenious 21st century. Samsara is directed by Ajay Kapur and Michael Darling. Special guest artists include interactive electronic performers Curtis Bahn and Tomie Hahn, choreographer Raakhi Kapur and the legendary kinetic sculptor and musician Trimpin." REDCAT Auditorium, Loas Angeles, Thursday, April 12, 2012 to Friday, April 13, 2012

Symbiotic Robotic/Human Ensemble. KarmetiK Collective & Abhinaya Dance Company at the MACLA theater on Friday September 17, 2010 at 7 pm and 9 pm. San Hose Biennial, OS1J. KarmetiK Collective and Abhinaya Dance Company are collaborating on a musical performance where musicians, dancers, and robots perform side by side. This performance follows in the traditions of ancient India, when the arts of dance, drama, and music were fused. Kapur and Bahn are creating a new composition for this performance that will be accompanied by a dance performed and choreographed by the Abhinaya Dance Company.

Keynote Speaker, Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation at The University of Guelph August 29, 2010 – September 12, 2010. Summer Institute Theme, "Envisioning Improvisation as Social Practice: Methods and Practices," our course is "Improvisation, Gender and the Body" with Tomie Hahn.

Artist in residence at New Zealand School of Music in Wellington August 1 - 21 2010. Working with Ajay Kapur and the karmetik collective, Jordan Hochenbaum, Owen Vallis, Jim Murphy. New commission for Tomie Hahn as pikapika to dance with the robots. Concerts at Aukland School of Music, Te papa and Ilot Theater in Wellington.

“The Machine Orchestra,” The Machine Orchestra brings together custom-built robotic musical instruments and human performers with computer extended instruments, unique musical interfaces, and hemispherical speaker-pods. Directed by Ajay Kapur, featuring North Indian sarodist Ustad Aashish Khan, electronic artist Curtis Bahn, Balinese gamelan master I Nyoman Wenten, vocal synthesizer Perry Cook, and innovators from the CalArts Music Technology Program, with a theatrical set designed by Michael Darling. REDCAT Theater, Los Angeles, 1/27/2010.

"Digitizing North Indian Classical Music," residency with Ajay Kapur and Students of Cal Arts Music Technology. Final Concert including computer-extended sitars, dilruba and of course the MahaDeviBot 4/18.

The MahaDeviBot Sessions: Music for computer-extended sitar and robot, Arne Eigenfeldt, Ajay Kapur and Curtis Bahn at the Western Front, Vancouver B.C., 3/13.

"Experiments in the Studio:" a week residency with Merce Cunnungham Dance Company and musicians: Takehisa Kosugi, Alex Waterman, Curtis Bahn, Keiko Uenishi. December, 1 2008 08:00 PM - Merce Cunningham Dance Company Studio and Dec. 6-7, 2008 @DIA Beacon.

Concert of extended Dilruba and Sitar with Pandit Nandkishor Muley at Stetson University's Elizabeth Hall Chapel stage at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 7


June 28th Karmetik Collective with Eccodek, f. Kiran Ahluwalia - Victoria Jazz Fest

Floating Points 2008, ISSUE Project Room Curated by Suzanne Fiol and Stephan Moore, Thursday, June 12 Annea Lockwood/ Curtis Bahn & Seth Cluett

PLOrk: The Princeton Laptop Orchestra at the Sonic Divergence Festival
Maja Cerar, violin soloist, Tomie Hahn, sensor-suited dancing conductor
Saturday, April 5, 7:30 p.m. Pick-Staiger Concert Hall, Chicago

Face Removal Services Live at Revolution Hall AGAIN 3/28/08 [video]

Liberation While Listening, Live Jivamukti Yoga Class with John Smrtic, Noon - 2pm.3/22 at Holistic Heart Space in Albany New York. Live electric Dilruba and Sitar with interactive computer generated textures.

NUS Singapore Arts Festival 2008: The MahaDeviBot Sessions by Karmetik Collective Featuring Ajay Kapur, Curtis Bahn and Arne Eigenfeldt
24 Feb, 8pm, University Cultural Center Theatre, Singapore

February 15-17, 2008, The 3rd annual CeC & CaC (pronounced "Sek & Sak") presented by The Academy of Electronic Arts in partnership with, and across several venues of, India International Centre, in New Delhi, India. We will be holding a workshop in Indian music and electronic media prior to the event at the IIC.