Jordan Crandall, the first presenter in the series Out of Time, will lead us through a series of stories describing situations of everyday event-fulness:  SOMETHING is HAPPENING.  The stories, illustrated by images and videoclips, awaken a sense of anticipatory readiness, the capacity for bodily arousal and immersion in the emergent present.  In a performative mode, the presentation takes us from a brawl on a street corner to the corridors of a sex club – probing into the nature of the eruptive event, its flows and intensities of engagement and attunement. Informed by (but not couched in the theoretical jargon of) the ethnography of affect, and philosophies of the event and the assemblage, Crandall draws out the dynamics of "presencing" and the workings of desire, within the intensive ecologies that we now inhabit. 

Jordan Crandall is an electronic artist and a noted media theorist.  His video installations have been concerned with the effects of tracking, identifying, and targeting in the confluences of media technologies and computerized military programs.  These projects, including Drive (1998–2000), Heatseeking (2000),  Trigger (2002) and Homefront (2005), have been exhibited widely, including the ZKM in Karlsruhe, ArtLab in Tokyo,  the Wexner Center in Columbus, Ohio, and Documenta (Kassel).  Now professor of media, computing, and public culture in the visual arts department at the University of California, San Diego, Crandall was also editor of Blast, a pioneering online forum for critical exploration of digital and online culture.

Curator Mary Jane Jacob credits Crandall with leading the way for "critically understanding technology in constructing representation, and in its critique, revealing not only aspects of our experiences but a fundamental shift in our sense of self".  Lev Manovich, author of the Language of New Media, has written:  "Between machine vision and a database, between art world, critical theory and new media, between a screen and a mobile vehicle, between art practice, writing and net-dialog, between the network and the cinematic, between theory and visual poetry -- Jordan Crandall's works strike at the most critical conceptual knots of our computer culture."

Jordan Crandall has the mind of a pragmatist and the heart of a utopian. With astonishing breadth and rare lucidity, he calls upon psychoanalysis, film theory, semiotics, and demography to expose the insidious political and economic forces that structure and control the "body-image-machine complex." While sketching a chilling image of the intersection of the ascendant database paradigm with military technology and globalized commerce, Crandall does not succumb to cynicism or fashionable passivity, but presents an urgent case for the possibility of "new identity formations and agencies." In his art, writing, and editorial work, Crandall has fashioned a critically important survival guide to the emerging present.

-- LAWRENCE RINDER, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Whitney Museum, New York

Unable to make the event?  It will be broadcast live via webstream.

About the series OUT OF TIME
In this era of convergence between computers, networks and new media software, we bear witness across diverse fields to a newly intensified obsession with how time passes. In this context, we may speak of being "out of time", in at least three senses:  that of an ever-present countdown toward environmental disaster; the everyday sense of being behind, of lacking the capacity to concentrate and contemplate; and, to the contrary, of escaping the lockstep regimentation of clock time to find renewal or even redemptive hope in experiences of an expanded present, of an enlivened sense of the possible. The iEAR series for Fall 2008 presents a tour d'horizon of thinking and creating about being out of time, in all these senses, and more.

About iEAR Presents!

Integrated Electronic Arts at Rensselaer (iEAR Presents!) is a series of public performances, exhibitions, screenings and lectures.  Curated by artist faculty, iEAR Presents! seeks to bring artists into a creative dialogue regarding integrated electronic arts practice and theory with a participatory community of faculty and students from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and members of the general public. For disability services for West Hall events, including wheelchair access, please call (518) 276-2746.  This series is sponsored in part by the New York State Council on the Arts.

iEAR Presents! Irene Lusztig's "Yours in Sisterhood"
March 27, 2019 7:00 PM
EMPAC Studio Beta

Documentary filmmaker Irene Lusztig, Associate Professor of Film and Digital Media at UC Santa Cruz, will present her recent film Yours in Sisterhood (2018), which uses as source material the archives of Ms. Magazine. Lusztig uses letters to the editor, filming them read by people living in towns and cities across the country where the letters originated.