Date posted: 2008-06-03 08:37:00

An update from society co-director Carrie Dashow:

If you happen to be in San Jose!

EXHIBITION: June 4 – 8th San Jose ZERO1
The 13th screen will be having an unprecedented 4 day run in the Zero1 global festival of art on the edge as part of the adobe global youth voices exhibition at The Tech Museum of Innovation.

Exhibiting the project; identity l.a.r.p.- 9 journeys to an open space
created with her Purchase students using the 13th screen as an identity finding tool through larping (live action role playing).

The 9 camera one hour video quest begins with an alchemist who sends the identity-less beings off from Columbus Circle to search with their camera third eye for themselves on the edge of nature and the city. The identity l.a.r.p.- 9 journeys to an open space is a collaborative project conceived and directed by Purchase Sophomore Jonathan Mittiga, it uses the 13th screen live editing system to create one new identity as gathered from each participant.

AND on Saturday June 7th, 2 pm  we will be hosting a 13th screen identity l.a.r.p. (see below) Workshop and Video shoot at the festival. Where: Meet inside the GYV exhibition at the Tech. Number of participants: 18. Cameras provided.

San Jose identity Larp, show up identity-less the alchemist will be present to send you on your drift through sillicon valley,
we'll then mix all the video findings through the 13th screen and see how we fit together!

Start time: precisely 2pm
Length of workshop:  3 hours
Cameras provided.

The  13th screen is a collaborative video making project created by Carrie Dashow, with programming by Matt Raibert.
The 13th screen is a live multi-channel camera person centric video editing system that works as a collaborative video device inputting footage from 9 synchronized live or recorded video signals (cameras and in this case recorded dvds.) We have reprogrammed a surveillance multiplexer using a microcontroller and specialized software created with Jitter and MaxMsp to read and send out the signals. 9 people are each provided a video camera, recording begins simultaneously as they shoot for an allotted amount of time. Each camera person individually chooses when their camera will be shown via a signal call by putting their hand over the lens for a second – this momentarily blackens the screen, which will be recognized by the computer as a cut. Both metaphorically and actually, this device removes an external editor and uses collaboration known and unknown as its editing tool. The 13th screen is a tool that can be used to increase group dynamic through its processes.

More on the 13th screen at:

Rensselaer Piano Showcase
April 17, 2019 5:00 PM
EMPAC Concert Hall

A concert feature student pianists performing repertoire ranging from the classics to contemporary music, including members of the Rensselaer Orhcestra.