Woodstrup (MFA 2007) essay published in Predictions

Woodstrup (MFA 2007) essay published in Predictions

Date posted: 2009-09-25 10:37:00

Bart Bridger Woodstrup (MFA 2007) published an excerpt from his master's thesis "Climate Control" in Predictions (2009) edited by Cara Benson and published by Chain Links.

About Climate Control:
Global climate change and its effect on weather patterns is a concern that affects our collective scientific and cultural consciousness. The Climate Control WEAMOD CC2007 is an interactive video art installation that metaphorically represents the human desire to control climate.

Documentation of current weather modification practices were digitally parsed and recombined to form this narrative of contemporary catastrophic weather events and their prevention.  As the earth's resources increasingly succumb to the human grasp, Climate Control questions whether the next step is the construction of a human-desirable climate.

About Predictions:
Edited by Cara Benson, with contributors Paul Raskin, Bart Bridger Woodstrup, Julie Sadler, David Zuga, Jason Zuga, and Monica de la Torre. As is painfully obvious for many a religious leader and many a psychic, predicting the future is an indeterminate business. The work collected in PREDICTIONS takes that indeterminacy as a starting point and celebrates it. A futurist points to how the question of the future, once a matter for dreamers and philosophers, has moved to the center of development and scientific agendas. Several artists, well aware that accelerating changes to the environment require that we learn quickly, suggest how art might help us to understand and to rethink the interface between old technologies and new technologies in this time of environmental crisis. A writer and a scientist team up to tell an alternate story of evolution. And a poet writes, "Predictions acquire full meaning when they apply to the, until then, unimaginable."

The book can be purchased here.



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