New Video Works by Olivia Robinson and Jesse Stiles

New Video Works by Olivia Robinson and Jesse Stiles

Date posted: 2007-03-26 11:03:00

Contact: Annmarie Lanesey


A Strangelove: New Video works by Olivia Robinson & Jesse Stiles.

Curated by Annmarie Lanesey



Opening Night: Friday March 30, 2007, Troy Night Out

Flavour Cafe, 228 4th Street, Troy, NY.


A Strangelove is a curated video program of artworks for the Flavour cafe video gallery produced by Olivia Robinson and Jesse Stiles individually, and the two together collaboratively.   With Jesse's trance building rhythms of  minutia and Olivia's eye for the uncanny, combined with their passion for each other and for video making, it makes for a sweet site to behold, and in my opinion way more interesting than CNN any day,   !!Enjoy!!

-Annmarie Lanesey, 2007.


1)      Enough Already – Olivia Robinson

2)      Last Lament – Olivia Robinson

3)      Backbone – Olivia Robinson

4)     Body Puzzle – Olivia Robinson

5)      MoodSpool – Olivia Robinson *Music by Evidence

6)     Waves – Olivia Robinson

7)      Tearing my own Head Off and Kicking it Down a Flight of Stairs – Olivia Robinson & Jesse Stiles

8)     One Day – Olivia Robinson & Jesse Stiles

9)     Autoautomatic – Olivia Robinson & Jesse Stiles

10)   4 Lakes – Jesse Stiles

11)    8 Circles – Jesse Stiles

Jesse on Olivia:

Olivia Robinson is too pretty and too smart.  She is full of too much pep.  If Olivia lets us make artwork with her we are entirely too lucky.  If Olivia lets us dance with her at bars and lets us tell her stupid jokes that she finds impossibly funny then you can stick a fork in us because we are *done*.   Olivia Robinson is too pretty and too smart.  Olivia Robinson may in fact constitute some kind of threat.   What with all this pretty and all this smart.  It is important that we keep Olivia tied up to a tree.  Just in case.  One can't be too careful.  Not in this day and age.

But if we stop to think about it, we soon realize that Olivia may even constitute a threat to herself, being tied up to a tree in such close proximity to herself.  We should probably keep Olivia tied up to two trees that are very far apart from each other so that she doesn't knock herself unconscious with herself.  Not that I'm suggesting we should divide Olivia into small pieces.  That would defeat the point.

It is important that we make copies of Olivia Robinson and tie up the copies to trees that are very far away from each other.   That would be the safest thing for everyone involved.  If we had one Olivia Robinson tied to a tree in Canada, one Olivia Robinson tied to a tree in Peru, one Olivia Robinson tied to a tree in Mongolia, and one Olivia Robinson tied to a tree in Tasmania - if we had that - that would be a start.

Jesse Stiles, 2007.

Olivia on Jesse:

Working with Jesse Stiles is a dream. He is the most creative and patient person in the world. He is also extremely smart, talented and technically brilliant. The best thing about collaborating with Jesse is how kind and fun he is in basically any situation. When we are working on a project together I enjoy brainstorming ideas with him as well as actual production. Jesse Stiles knows exactly how to make a project sing and can fix anything.

J= Just Right E= Electrified S= Squid-friendly S= Sassy E= Exquisite
S= Snazzy Dresser T= The Best I= Intrepid L= Lucid E= Enchanting S= Sweet

Olivia Robinson, 2007.


About Olivia Robinson:


Olivia Robison is a weaver and digital artist, using photography, video, inflatable sculpture, multi-media and circuitry.  She currently lives in Troy, N.Y., where she earned an MFA from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  Robinson holds a BFA degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art. While in Baltimore, she worked as a community artist-organizer, and as director and performer with Little Big Bang performance troupe.  As a resident community artist, she has worked in after school programs and at federal prisons.  She recently finished artist residencies in Utah and Florida (US), and in New Delhi and Kerala (India).


About Jesse Stiles:


Jesse Stiles is a composer, musician, sound designer, and sound engineer.   He has recently produced sonic environments for The Field Museum and has performed at wide variety of new music venues such as Lincoln Center, The Galapagos Art Space, Joe's Pub, and The Deep Listening Space.   Jesse also performs at dive bars and actively participates in underground venues.


About Annmarie Lanesey:

Annmarie Lanesey is an artist working primarily with video installation and video performance.   Her work has been shown internationally at galleries, new media festivals, and contemporary art venues, both in the physical world and in cyberspace, including but not limited to the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, Museo de Arte Moderno in Buenos Aries, Argentina, The Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv, Israel, and at the 11th International Media Art Biennale , in Wroclaw, Poland.  Annmarie is currently working on a collaborative experimental documentary called 'Sitting on a Million:   The Mame Faye History Project" telling the story of Mame Faye, a madam from Depression-era Troy NY.  The project is a blend of oral history, wild speculation, and reenactments bringing to life the spirit of this forgotten woman.

The show has been organized by Annmarie Lanesey for the following reasons:


I found  myself sitting here by the window one wintery Troy afternoon in the Flavour Cafe lounge awaiting the arrival of a friend.   CNN was playing on the Flavour TV as I sat staring and wondering. Wondering if others felt the same way I did, my heart longing for something more interesting, more telling and more beautiful, than the CNN broadcast could offer.  I longed for so much more. So much more than even a simple change of the station could offer, when it suddenly all became obvious and clear, and I knew what had to occur.

This is my attempt at making that happen.  I call it:

A Strangelove: Video works by Olivia Robinson & Jesse Stiles.


-Annmarie Lanesey, 2007.

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