Student group wins Unity3D DirectX11 competition

Student group wins Unity3D DirectX11 competition

Date posted: 2013-02-11 09:21:06

Anton Hand, Master of Fine Arts student in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute¹s Electronic Arts Department, and member of the game design collective RUST, LTD. is thrilled to announce that RUST LTD’s entry “The Museum of the Microstar” was awarded first place in the Unity DirectX 11 game competition. In January, Unity “challenged... users toharness the power of DirectX 11 and make some gorgeous content.” The judges described themselves as being “blown away by the demo's advanced technical level and polish. It is a gorgeous demonstration of many DirectX 11 features together with a compelling narrative.”
The Museum of the Microstar is an interactive narrative short and technology demonstration which takes place in a massive sci-fi corporate museum of mankind¹s disastrous history of energy technology, built by HEDRON, the hegemonic corporate state of the future. Museum of the Microstar dialogues with the relationship of techno-fetishism to environmental devastation, corporate power, and narratives of progress. About the entry’s success, Anton Hand said, “In a time where indies are redefining expectation in the games industry, I think its time we expected a graphics demo to be more than a vacuous advertisement.”

RUST, LTD. is a collective of media artists from Buffalo, NY. Team members Anton Hand, Adam Liszkiewicz, Luke Noonan, and Lucas Miller
collaborated on this most recent project, along with affiliates Joshua
Ols and Arthur Brussee.

You can visit their website at :
Museum of the Microstar

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