Show Review for Art Machine

Show Review for Art Machine

Date posted: 2009-03-16 15:44:00

Photo by Jeffrey Fehder


By Doug Gruse

SARATOGA SPRINGS - Art is ethereal, fluid and open to interpretation. Machines are rigid and precise.

The two worlds rarely intersect.

In "Art Machine," an exhibit running through March 28 at the Arts Center Gallery, artists Abraham Ferraro and Shawn Lawson test the boundaries of art in an interactive show that mixes the mechanical and digital.

"Most of the time people are just sort of amazed or shocked or surprised," Lawson said of his work, which explores art through computer technology. "They get to the gallery, and something happens that they don't expect to happen."

Ferraro's "One Morning I Awoke with a Brilliant Idea," a giant lightswitch that welcomes visitors to flip it on and off, symbolizes the spirit of the exhibit.

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