Shawn Lawson animation part of Online Digital Art Festival

Shawn Lawson animation part of Online Digital Art Festival

Date posted: 2008-09-02 08:47:00

The FONLAD's exhibition program presents in 2008 an exhibition at the Madeira's International Art Biennale, between 1 Sept. and 13 October 08. 

The selected artists are: Agricola de Cologne (Germany, video); António Azenha (Portugal, Photography and Performance); Ariane Maugery (France, video); Ariel Artigas Severino (Uruguay, digital painting); Benvinda Araújo (Portugal, photography); Boskizzi (Italy, photography); Fernando Graça / Penousal Machado (Portugal, digital processing image); Fernando Velazques (Uruguay, video); Gruppo Sinestético (Italy, video performance); Henry Gwiazda (USA, video); Irina Eduardovna (Russia, video); Jan Kuang-Chang (Taiwan, video); Jessica Gomula (USA, photography); Jorge Simões (Portugal, photography); José Higino (Portugal, photography); José Pedro Reis (Portugal, video); Lemeh 42 (Italy, video); Maro (Chile, digital painting); Pato (Portugal, digital painting); Paulo Corte-Real (Portugal, digital painting); Pesousal Machado ( Juan Romero (Portugal / Spain, digital processing image); Shawn Lawson (USA, video); Vicky Brago-Mitchell (USA, digital processing image).
 The program will follow with two virtual exhibitions in November 08:
 Fonlad's 4th virtual exhibition at the web site's festival (1 - 30 November 08)
 Watermarks exhibition at UAVM museum (3 Oct 08 – 3 Jan 09).
 Unknown Artist Travel Agency: official launch – 16 November 08
 Rua Carolina Michaellis, 73F – 4º
 3030-324 COIMBRA

Living in the Clave: Roots of Africa Chasing the Rhythms
October 17, 2018 7:30 PM
Union, Mother's

Under the direction of Prof. Ade Knowles, the Roots of Africa Music Ensemble continues the journey of uncovering and sharing rhythms from Africa and the New World. Come Celebrate with Roots on October 17th at Mother’s, doors open at 7:00 pm, performance starts at 7:30 pm.