r i s e | s e t | t w i l i g h t @ Schenectady Museum

r i s e | s e t | t w i l i g h t @ Schenectady Museum

Date posted: 2007-02-20 15:56:00

On Saturday 24 February at 8 PM, rise set twilight will appear at the Schenectady Museum's Suits-Bueche Planetarium as part of Space Re-Mixed 3.1.  The museum's website features one of Linda Aubry's illustrations on the main page.

rise set twilight is the sound and light project of Linda Aubry and Mike Bullock. Layering digital video and audio synthesis, feedback, and field recordings, rise set twilight creates absorptive atmospheres that can be both gritty and crystalline.

Linda Gale Aubry's first instrument as a child was an egg slicer. Her earliest memories include being fascinated with the sound of humming transformers, birds, and the distant sound of the television which she references through her harp and electronics. Aubry studied music at Berklee, Boston Conservatory and Bennington and has developed a career in visual arts.

As Ambrosia Porcelain, Linda and her mother Miriam create handmade and handpainted porcelain tableware. She also creates custom clothing pieces under the name Orange Cookie Funwear. In addition to the duo rise set twilight, Aubry has a solo project called The Sun is an Orange Cookie (2006 release "My Heart of Sugar" MP3/CD-R, on Chloë Recordings).

Michael Bullock is a composer, improviser, contrabassist, and sound & video artist based in Troy, New York, USA. In addition to frequent solo appearances, he has an electroacoustic duo with cellist Vic Rawlings; The BSC, 8 of Boston's top improvisers who also specialize in performing indeterminate scores by Wolff, Cardew and Stockhausen; and multimedia project rise set twilight.

Mike's recordings appear on Kissy, Grob, Intransitive, CIMP, Emanem, Rounder and Naxos. In 2002 he founded Chloë, a label dedicated to experimental music.

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