Rossa and Kostova published in n.paradoxa (January 2009)

Rossa and Kostova published in n.paradoxa (January 2009)

Date posted: 2009-02-04 14:37:00

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Boryana Rossa, Civil Position, street intervention, Eagle's Bridge, Sofia, 2007. Photo: Katia Damianova

Daniela Kostova and Olivia Robinson, Waste to Work, Schenectady Museum, 2008


'Feminism, Activism and Historicisation': Croatian artist Sanja Ivekovic talks to Antonia Majaca
Kim Paice  'DownWind Productions: detournement Hawai'i.' Downwind Productions includes the artists Gaye Chan and Nandita Sharma.
Joan Borsa  'Rebels with a Cause: the parodies and pleasures of our own disguises: Canadian women performance artists; Lorri Millan and Shawna Dempsey, Rita McKeough, Colette Urban and Lisa Baldissera'
Ebru B. Yetiskin '(Net)tachmental Arts and the work of What, How and for Whom curatorial collective from Zagreb'
Stacy E. Schultz  'Naming in Order to Heal and Redeem: Violence Against Women in Performance in the US: Suzanne Lacy/Leslie Labowitz, Ana Mendieta, Karen Finley'
Rudolfine Lackner  'Institutional Activisms: the work of VBKA– and IntAkt in Austria in the 1970s' reflecting on the legacies of these women's art organisations and their programmes for change.
Kirsty Robertson discusses her two projects 'The Viral Knitting Project' and 'Writing on the Wool'. Kirsty Robertson is based in Canada.
Jung-Ah Woo 'Silence and Scream: Yoko Ono's Subversive Aesthetics'
Two artists from Bulgaria working in the USA, Boryana Rossa and Daniela Kostova, discuss 'Histories and Bodies: How to Make the Local International'
Kelly Dennis 'Gendered Ghosts in the Globalized Machine: the work of Coco Fusco and Prema Murthy'
Martha Rosler: art activist: Mary Paterson interviews Martha Rosler

Book Reviews: Katrin Kivimaa  Unruly bodies of women and gender politics of post-socialism: a review of Iva Popovicova 'New Body Politic'
Josie Faure Walker reviews 'Cooling Out - on the Paradox of Feminism'
Colour pages: Women artists in 'Artist-Citizen', 49th October Salon, Belgrade

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