Pauline Oliveros & The Roots of the Moment

Pauline Oliveros & The Roots of the Moment

Date posted: 2006-08-02 17:13:00

Pauline Oliveros "The Roots Of The Moment" CD-2006 hatOLOGY

Accordionist/educator and musical theorist, Pauline Oliveros recorded these tracks at a Swiss studio back in 1987. As this CD signifies a second edition issuance, featuring the estimable artist's largely, edifying excursions fed off of Peter Ward's "interactive electronic environment". At times trance-like, spacey, and somewhat organic in tone, Oliveros fuses oscillating patterns with a multi-segmented palate that is seamless in scope amid a minimalist type feel. Essentially, there‚s more that meets the mind and ear, and it‚s deceptively complex!

Ms Oliveros paints fluttering murals against subtle electronic reverberations via swirling layers of sound. With variances in intonation, her mindset conjures up a hodgepodge of interpretations. Moreover, slight nuances and musical rediscoveries appear on subsequent listens. In sum, her conceptual engineering intimates a valuable art form that is open to conjecture and discussion. Then again, Ms Oliveros‚ musicality features an amalgamation of characteristics that sets her apart from many of her peers, if she indeed has any - Glenn Astarita

March 28, 1977
March 28, 2018 7:00 PM
Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Studio 1

A video installation of an essay film meditating on the 1977 Oscars and a documentary on Rhodesia which aired at the same time one month and one day before the essay filmmaker, Maureen Jolie Anderson, was born.