YES MEN (Media Alliance) Awarded MAP Grant

YES MEN (Media Alliance) Awarded MAP Grant

Date posted: 2008-07-21 10:26:00

NEW YORK, NY (July 15, 2008) - The Multi-Arts Production Fund, a program of Creative Capital supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, announces the recipients of its 2008 grants for new work in live performance. Thirty-eight projects, engaging more than 70 individual composers, choreographers, designers, solo performers, and playwrights will receive awards ranging from $10,000 to $40,000.

The projects, which were selected from over 600 proposals by panels of arts professionals, represent a wide breadth of aesthetic approaches and cover a dizzying array of topics. To name a few, Tony-award winning choreographer Bill T. Jones will grapple with the iconic image of Abraham Lincoln and its relevance to contemporary race dynamics in A Good Man!/A Good Man?; composer Corey Dargel will create a chamber concert playfully examining psychiatric delusions and concepts of "normalcy" in Thirteen Near-Death Experiences; playwright Octavio Solis will write a shadow-puppet play about growing up at the US/Mexican border entitled Ghosts of the River, with image design by Latina activist and graphic artist Favianna Rodriquez; and Chicago's Silk Road Theater will commission eight playwrights of presumed Asian or Middle Eastern ancestry to take a DNA test and write a 10-minute play about the results for The DNA Trail: A Genealogy of Short Plays About! Ancestry, Identity, and Utter Confusion. What unite these disparate and wildly imaginative artists are their uniform excellence of craft and the vibrant immediacy of their approach to live performance.

In addition to the monetary award, as part of Creative Capital's commitment to helping artists sustain their creative practices over a lifetime, grantees will take part in a professional development weekend retreat, which offers skills-building assistance in fundraising, networking, marketing, and strategic planning.

About the MAP Fund The Multi-Arts Production Fund was created by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1988 to support innovation and cross-cultural exploration in theater, dance and music. Among the longest-lived programs in arts philanthropy, MAP has been administered by Creative Capital since 2001. In 2008, the program became the recipient of a three-year, $3.3 million support grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

About Creative Capital Nine years ago, Creative Capital embarked on a mission to reinvent the existing model of arts philanthropy, to construct a new paradigm, and to fulfill the specific needs of the country's most innovative artists. Today, it is the premier national artist support organization, committed to the principle that time and advisory services are as crucial to artistic success as funding.

13 Playwrights, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY
Electra 2012
Lead Artist: Julia Jarcho
A fusion of the tragedy by Sophocles with the "2012 Prophecy," a growing pop-culture meme purporting that ancient peoples predicted a kind of apocalypse on December 12, 2012.

Big Tree Productions, Inc.
New York, NY
Currently Untitled
Lead Artists: Tere O'Connor, Brian MacDevitt, James Baker
A new evening-length work employing various concepts of "change."

Builders Association
New York, NY
Continuous City
Lead Artists: Marianne Weems, Harry Sinclair
The story of a traveling father and his young daughter at home whose relationship is transformed by hypermodernity and failing cell phones.

Tempe, AZ
The Paper Project
Lead Artists: Corey Madden, Laural Meade, Keith Mitchell
A theatrical adventure challenging the conceptual boundaries between visual art and theatre.

Clubbed Thumb
New York, NY
Roadkill Confidential
Lead Artist: Sheila Callaghan
A once-famous artist attempts to recapture her public's attention by taking the corpses of unlucky animals from their roadside graves and transforming them into pieces of art.

Cornerstone Theater Company
Los Angeles, CA
The Environmental Justice Project
Lead Artists: Julie Herbert, Juliette Carrillo, Cornerstone Ensemble
A collaboration with communities living along or otherwise connected to the Los Angeles River who are dealing with urban environmental justice issues.

Cross Performance, Inc.
New York, NY
Lead Artist: Ralph Lemon
A three-part multimedia performance work drawing from the myths and realities of the Deep South.

Dance Theater Workshop (Fiscal Sponsor)
New York, NY
Music for 100 Carpenters
Lead Artist: Douglas Henderson
A surround-sound music performance that enlists 100 skilled and unskilled trades people, toolbelts, sweat and lunchboxes as part of the score

Dansology, Inc.
New York, NY
Blocks Of Continuality/Movement-Live Cinema (Blocks)
Lead Artist: Koosil-ja Hwang
A new dance and live cinema work that tells three stories simultaneously to simulate our experience of living in the world of digital and flesh.

Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Detroit, MI
Violin Concerto for Regina Carter and the DSO Classical Roots Program
Lead Artist: Billy Childs
A commission for composer Billy Childs to write a violin concerto for classical/jazz soloist and Detroit native Regina Carter.

Foundation for Dance Promotion
New York, NY
A Good Man!/A Good Man?
Lead Artist: Bill T. Jones
A new dance work based on the life of Abraham Lincoln.

Foundation for Independent Artists, Inc.
New York, NY
"lions will roar, swans will fly, angels will wrestle heaven, rains will break: gukurahundi"
Lead Artist: Nora Chipaumire
A new dance work that explores the anatomy of a revolution and the spirit of Zimbabwean resistance and survival.

The Foundry Theater
New York, NY
Bronx Bus Tour Play (working title)
Lead Artists: Melanie Joseph, Claudia Rankine
A theatrical examination of gentrification that takes the form of a bus tour of the Bronx.

Fractured Atlas (Fiscal Sponsor)
New York, NY
Terrible Things
Lead Artists: Lisa D'Amour, Katie Pearl
A performance shaped as a quasi-scientific experiment designed to turn the entire audience into Katie Pearl.

Galeria de la Raza
San Francisco, CA
Imperial Silence: Una Opera Muerta / A Dead Opera in Four Acts
Lead Artists: John Jota Leaños, Artemio Rodriguez, Los Cuatro Vientos
A multimedia performance that journeys to "the other side" to illuminate cultural taboos around silence, death, and dissent in the Days of the Dead tradition.

Brooklyn, NY
Kisaeng Becomes You
Lead Artists: Dean Moss, Yoon Jin Kim
A multimedia performance collaboration between dance artist Dean Moss and Korean modern and traditional dance choreographer Yoon Jin Kim that explores contemporary concerns found in the poems and lives of Korea's artist/courtesans of the Joseon Dynasty [1400-1900] called the Kisaeng.

HERE Arts Center
New York, NY
The Lily's Revenge
Lead Artist: Taylor Mac
A work that uses flowers as a metaphor for queer (meaning different, not simply gay) communities to tell the story of a self-uprooted lily, on a quest to destroy the modern tool for oppression - nostalgia.

HERE Arts Center
New York, NY
Oh What War
Lead Artists: Mallory Catlett, Peter Ksander, Zbginiew Bzymek
A music/theater/video mash-up inspired by Joan Littlewood's 1963 production, Oh What a Lovely War, which used popular song, clowning, and visual projection to chronicle the atrocity of WW1.

International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)
New York, NY
Lead Artists: Corey Dargel, International Contemporary Ensemble
An art-pop song cycle in which each of the thirteen songs is about a different kind of psychiatric delusion.

Los Angeles Master Chorale
Los Angeles, CA
SPIRAL XII: Space Between Heaven and Earth.
Lead Artists: Los Angeles Master Chorale, Chinary Ung, Sophiline Shapiro
Cambodian American composer Chinary Ung working in collaboration with Master of Cambodian traditional music and dance Sophiline Cheam Shapiro and the LAMC, will create a work for two sopranos, chorus, chamber ensemble and dancers.

Mabou Mines Development Foundation
New York, NY
Artists: Julie Archer, Liza Lorwin
A theater piece that takes a lyrical (and sometimes comical) look at corn from personal and cultural perspectives.

MAPP International Productions
New York, NY
Lead Artists: Dan Hurlin, Sally Oswald
A new piece of puppet theater that examines the contradictions in the life of an American hermit, Mike Disfarmer.

McCarter Theatre Center
Princeton, NJ
The Brother/Sister Plays
Lead Artists: Tarell McCraney
Modern-day tales of family and legacy, inspired by Yoruban culture and infused with the music and dance of contemporary urban culture.

Media Alliance
Troy, NY
The Yes Men Go Green
Lead Artists: The Yes Men
A series of performances, taking place at corporate conferences and trade shows, in which The Yes Men impersonate captains of industry, surprising audiences with outrageous satirical performances that highlight the climate crisis.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Ashland, OR
Throne of Blood Project
Lead Artists: Ping Chong
An interdisciplinary theatre work based on Akira Kurosawa's film masterpiece Thrown of Blood.

Performance Zone, Inc./The Field (Fiscal Sponsor)
New York, NY
Artist: Valerie Coleman
A new operatic work based on the life of Stanley Tookie Williams, co-founder of the Crips street gang who became an anti-gang activist during his twenty years on California's death row.

Performance Zone, Inc./The Field (Fiscal Sponsor)
New York, NY
Lead Artist: Miguel Gutierrez
A dance that will question the way that meaning, identity, location and "nation" are written onto and into a body.

Performance Zone, Inc. (Fiscal Sponsor)
New York, NY
Qualities of Light
Lead Artists: Daniel Jones, Helga Davis
A work in which audience members are led in groups through interactive performance stations, exploring the nature of hope, the force of the erotic, and the interrelationship of past, present and future.

Philadelphia Dance Projects (Fiscal Sponsor)
Philadelphia, PA
Artist: Kate Watson-Wallace
A performance installation created in the back-of-house spaces of the Wanamaker Building in Philadelphia.

Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
Portland, OR
Into the Dark Unknown: The Hope Chest
Lead Artists: Holcomb Waller, Erik Flatmo
An exploration in music and text of the new sacred rites modern Americans perpetrate everyday.

Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
Portland, OR
Reggie Watts: Transition
Lead Artist: Reggie Watts, Tommy Smith
A theatrical employment of visual and linguistic tricks to destabilize the mind and render it open to suggestion.

Ringside Inc. (STREB)
Brooklyn, NY
17 Degrees of Freedom
Artists: Elizabeth Streb, David Van Tieghem
A movement investigation of physical concepts such as high speed vertical motion in the face of centrifugal force.

San Francisco, CA
Fissures, Futures (for Buckminster Fuller)
Lead Artists: Rova Saxophone Quartet, Semiconductor
A new improvisational work in collaboration with digital animation artists Semiconductor.

ShadowLight Productions
San Francisco, CA
Ghosts of the River
Lead Artists: Octavio Solis, Larry Reed, Favianna Rodriguez
A shadow theatre work that explores US/Mexican border immigration issues from highly localized and personal points of view.

Silk Road Theatre Project
Chicago, IL
The DNA Trail: A Genealogy of Short Plays About Ancestry, Identity, and Utter Confusion
Lead Artists: Philip Gotanda, Shishir Kurup, David Henry Hwang
Eight American playwrights of (presupposed) Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds write new plays in response to a DNA test that reveals their genetic ancestry.

Trey McIntyre Project
Boise, ID
The Sun Road
Lead Artist: Trey McIntyre, Sandra Woodall
A new dance work that uses the commanding presence of the Rocky Mountains at Glacier National Park to address the balance of power between the environment and those within it.

Troika Ranch
Brooklyn, NY
Loop Diver
Lead Artists: Troika Ranch, Colin Kilian
A work for six performers and interactive media built from interwoven loops of movement, text, music and video, which are then interrupted, reshaped, and renewed by loop divers.

The Walker Art Center
Minneapolis, MN
The Success of Failure (or, The Failure of Success)
Lead Artists: Cynthia Hopkins, Jeffrey Sugg, James Findlay
An ancient, epic folk tale from the distant future, communicated to the audience via a live science-fiction film, about rival strategies for surviving the death of the sun.