Thank you Linda Montano!

Thank you Linda Montano!

Date posted: 2011-04-27 12:32:32

The Department of the Arts and iEAR Studios would like to thank Linda Montano for her generous spirit and teachings in Professor Nao Bustamante's "Pure Performance" class. 

Pictured: Top row left to right - Jelena Opacic, Suzanne June Boatenreiter, Isabella Chang, Professor Ben Chang, Professor Branda Miller, Linda Montano, Lauren Sacks and Ellie Markovitch. Bottom row left to right - Nathan Banks, Nancy Weber and Boryana Dragoeva

March 28, 1977
March 28, 2018 7:00 PM
Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Studio 1

A video installation of an essay film meditating on the 1977 Oscars and a documentary on Rhodesia which aired at the same time one month and one day before the essay filmmaker, Maureen Jolie Anderson, was born.