Jim Finn's film "Interkosmos" released on DVD

Jim Finn's film "Interkosmos" released on DVD

Date posted: 2006-12-21 12:23:00

iEAR grad student Jim Finn's film Interkosmos is now available on DVD at Thrill Jockey records.

An LP of the soundtrack is coming out in late January on Shrug Records and will likely be distributed on Thrill Jockey as well so keep an eye out:


"Poker-faced, often hilarious, and endlessly inventive, this minimalist mockumentary by Chicago filmmaker Jim Finn uses a few established facts to invent a wild narrative about an international communist project to establish colonies on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Finn gets some of his giddiest effects filming his own animals and SF miniatures, imagining a letter written by an Indian astronaut on holiday to a colleague ("P.S. I have bought a hammock that smells of goat and Mexico"), and creating a solemn radio communication about "The Trolley Song." In short, this is very special. Colleen Burke and Jim Becker wrote the delightful percussive score." Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader link

"...the debut feature film from Jim Finn....will undoubtedly become a cult classic. ...an almost anally-retentive eye for the iconography and fashions of the Soviet-era Warsaw pact countries, and a great ear for both the comedy intrinsic to Socialist propaganda dialogue - and pauses - this film is a serious rib-tickler for those who can appreciate lines such as "Capitalism is a kindergarten for boneless children", delivered deadpan." – Matthew Tempest, The Guardian link

Here's more info about the film and screenings:  http://www.interkosmosmovie.com/

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