Jim Finn (MFA 08) Announces Theatrical Premiere and First U.S. Retrospective

Jim Finn (MFA 08) Announces Theatrical Premiere and First U.S. Retrospective

Date posted: 2010-04-06 13:55:10

Thursday May 27 The Juche Idea starts its theatrical premiere run every night at 7pm through Wednesday June 2 at Anthology Film Archives (2nd St and 2nd Ave in Manhattan). Anthology is also screening the first-ever U.S. retrospective of Finn's work. He will be at every screening through Sunday night. 

Here is the link for the program and below is the rest:

The Juche Idea trailer:


Some more press:





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Here is more info on the Anthology Film Archives shows:

FILMMAKER IN PERSON FOR ALL SHOWS THURS-SUN! May 27-June 2 This spring Anthology pays tribute to underground filmmaker Jim Finn, whose films, both shorts and features, qualify as some of the most uncategorizable works in contemporary cinema. A fixture of the New York Underground Film Festival – now transformed into MIGRATING FORMS, which immediately precedes this series – Finn is a disarmingly original and gifted artist. Staking out a thematic territory very much his own, he has devoted himself to recreating the visual texture of various communist societies: Soviet Russia, the Maoist Shining Path guerilla movement in Peru, and the North Korean state. Diving into the morass of 20th-century political and social ideology with exquisite grace and a sophisticated sense of irony, Finn has made a series of films that somehow steer a course between strident anti-capitalism and reactionary anti-communism. These lovingly hand-crafted films – which have been called "utopian comedies" and "trompe-l'oeil" films – exude both a yearning for the idealism buried in the depths of the communist project and a recognition of the (often tragic) absurdity into which so many of these societies have degenerated. Combining stock footage, note-perfect recreations, witty texts, haunting scores, and even full-fledged musical numbers, they are nothing short of wondrous. Finn has been treated to retrospectives in Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, and Chile, but this is his first such tribute in the U.S. 


"....'The Juche Idea', by American experimental filmmaker Jim Finn, uses the theories of Kim Jong-il to satirize the process of art making under both socialist and capitalist systems... Steeped in the obsolete language of revolutionary art, Mr. Finn's meticulous, deadpan mockumentaries often play like unearthed artifacts from an alternate universe..."


"The evidence that current filmmaking is brimming with original, standard-breaking creations has to include the work of Jim Finn, whose brilliant THE JUCHE IDEA…effectively completes a trilogy of ultra-compact features that boldly upturn notions of documentary and fiction, propaganda thought, reality and restaging, and even what an 'experimental film' actually is. To say that these films open up new possibilities for satire, ideas, and language isn't an overstatement." 

—Robert Koehler, VARIETY

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KINO LORBER has just acquired the theatrical, home DVD and digital rights to The Juche Idea. So they will be running most screenings of the film as well as putting out a home DVD in the Fall/Winter. Hooray.

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On June 10 in Boston at 7pm Finn will be presenting Interkosmos at the MIT Visual Arts Center

In late July and early August all three features: Interkosmos, La Trinchera Luminosa del Presidente Gonzalo, and The Juche Idea will screen at P.S. 1 as part of the Greater New York show. Finn will be there for a Q and A on Saturday July 31. He will put the schedule on his website when he gets it.

The Video Data Bank is still distributing most of Finn's other work and is co-distributor for The Juche Idea.


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