Under Island CD published

Under Island CD published

Date posted: 2007-01-09 16:00:00

Under Island is a participatory shape note singing performance from Dashow's ongoing project "The Subliminal History of New York State."

About the project: "As Roosevelt Island gains sight through a lighthouse, first built as an illusionary fort by an insane inmate, the island now sees as well as is seen. With new vision the island develops a desire to leave the East River. Once the empty and controversial South End is developed, it does. In an alternate time of now, condensing past, present and future, it embarks on a journey up the Hudson, onto the Erie Canal, following this Empire State's (and thus the United States') route of progress. An itinerant island traveling through the forgone, short-lived industrialization of upstate, eventually finding itself in the shallow dead waters of Lake Erie, known for its torrential waterspouts."

Dashow and Pearlman Karlsberg have made a new CD and booklet of 11 of the songs from Under Islandhttp://subliminalstate.org/underisland/under-island-cd.php
They will be showing their silkscreen book and performing parts from the CD at Gigantic Artspace on January 11 (details below).  The first issue of Subliminal Statements, Society for a Subliminal State's inaugural Newsletter is also available at: http://www.subliminalstate.org/

About this project:

January 11th, 2007,
Come be a part of The Subliminal History of New York State!
Under Island

A story of New York, as never told in this very way before.
at Gigantic ArtSpace as a concluding event of the "Special Reconnaissance_"  exhibition (closing January 19th)

At Gigantic ArtSpace
59 Franklin Street, Manhattan Island.


5-7 pm Shape Note singing workshop, learn how to sing shape note music with Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg and participate in the 7:30 pm Under Island participatory performance. Shape note music is a traditional community based singing style popular in upstate NY in the 1800's. http://shapenote.silversand.org/


7:30 pm Under Island the first chapter in the "The Subliminal History of New York State."
Story and singing participatory performance about the living land of Roosevelt Island.

This story began as a project with Matt Bua and Jesse Bercowetz through Grizedale Arts at PS 1 and on Roosevelt Island in 2004. You may have caught parts of it then perhaps as a camper van in the courtyard or a lecture.  But never like this before!

The performance is a participatory, (passover seder like) story telling, singing and what not event.  Gigantic is not so big, so come early so you can stand in a good spot longer!