GSAS Students' Game is Finalist for Best Student Game at Independent Games Festival

GSAS Students' Game is Finalist for Best Student Game at Independent Games Festival

Date posted: 2018-01-16 11:43:06

Professor Ben Chang, Director of RPI's acclaimed Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences (GSAS) program, is pleased to announce that IO Interloper, a corporate espionage and hacking game game by Ben Caulkins and Sam Suite of DANG! (Dino Dearest, That Bird Stole My Gameboy, Wayback, RADON), is a finalist in the Best Student Game category in this year's Independent Games Festival.  Caulkins and Suite are both seniors majoring in GSAS. 

In addition, RPI alum Zach Barth returns to the IGF awards this year with a nomination for Excellence in Design for his programming and circuit-building game Shenzhen I/O.  Zach is the founder of indie game studio Zachtronics, makers of Infinifactory and SpaceChem.  His game Infiniminer created the genre of procedurally generated block building later popularized by games like Minecraft.  

Now in its 20th year, the IGF Awards honors the most influential, innovative and acclaimed projects in independent game development, with over 600 entrants.  IO Interloper and Shenzhen I/O will be exhibited as part of the 2018 IGF Showcase at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, March 19–23.  The IGF winners will be announced at the Independent Games Festival Awards on Wednesday, March 21, at San Francisco’s Moscone Convention Center. The IGF Awards will immediately precede the Game Developers Choice Awards, which recognizes the best games of the year across all sections of video game development.

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