An Evening with Nao Bustamante

An Evening with Nao Bustamante

Date posted: 2011-02-28 12:22:27

The Museum of Modern Art Department of Film Documentary Fortnight 2011


An Evening with Nao Bustamante: Melted, Plotting Out a Cross-Genre Narrative

Monday February 28, 2011, 7:00 p.m.

Bustamante presents some of her many performance and video works, featuring personae ranging from vulnerable anti-heroines to dominant, sturdy protectors. The artist's appearance on Bravo's recent reality show Work of Art: The Next Great Artist led to her creation of Tierra y Libertad – Kevlar® 2945 (2011), a typical Edwardian garment worn by the women that fought in the early part of the Mexican Revolution, reproduced in Kevlar®, a fabric of the 21st century, and then tested on a ballistic range. Other works to be excerpted are Silver & Gold (2009), her 'filmformance' evoking legendary filmmaker Jack Smith; Find Yourself Through Me (2005), a digital portrait involving audience members; and America, the Beautiful (1995), on the blond sex-kitten archetype.