Ellie Markovitch on PBS Heirloom Meals Thanksgiving Special

Ellie Markovitch on PBS Heirloom Meals Thanksgiving Special

Date posted: 2011-11-18 14:05:11

Ellie Markovitch (MFA candidate) was one of the guests in the "Heirloom Meals Thanksgiving Special" created and hosted by Carole Murko. Direction and cinematography by JP Lipa. The documentary is airing on PBS stations around the country this week.


For premieres, recipes, bio and airing times: http://heirloommeals.com/blog/heirloom-meals-thanksgiving-information

Ellie is part of a diverse family, and Thanksgiving is one of her favorite holidays because it allows her to express a lot of different cultures through cooking.  All of the members in the Markovitch family were born in a different country.  Ellie was born in Brazil, Dmitri in Estonia, Lina (5) was born in France, and Lara (2) was born in the U.S.  Ellie and Dmitri met when they were exchange students in Oklahoma.  They have lived in TX, NJ, France, and now live in NY.  In the kitchen, Carole and Ellie made Ellie's mother's recipe for Brazilian cheese bread.

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